Coronavirus VII: Sports: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
John Oliver discusses the sudden disappearance of sports due to coronavirus, how their absence is impacting people emotionally and financially, and the complications of bringing them back anytime soon.
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  • Daemon III Blackfyre
    Daemon III Blackfyre

    I love John Oliver for stepping up to be their sponsor lol a worthy successor to Jon Stewart

  • T Lindsay
    T Lindsay

    The amount of respect I have lost for your work after finding out you’re associated with the next for autism event is astronomical. If you can’t do the one google search it takes to listen to autistic voices on this matter, then I dont trust you to properly research your stories. Nothing about us, without us!

  • William Vaux
    William Vaux

    That dog stole my heart........

  • AbdullahS469

    Hahaha how dare you put MLS among international “soccer” leagues with likes of PL and CL

  • Mhel Mabayo
    Mhel Mabayo

    *a fighter had to pull out? Well that's new.*

  • Kevin Thibodeau
    Kevin Thibodeau


  • mario yu
    mario yu

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    Jan Murray

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    eddie chang

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    Amelia Molly

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    Juan Hernandez

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  • J C
    J C

    I like how the NBA did exactly what Fauci said to do and they fuckin crushed it. The bubble was a huge success.

  • Benjamin Gal-Or
    Benjamin Gal-Or

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  • Benjamin Gal-Or
    Benjamin Gal-Or

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  • bigmarty11288

    Fight island! Brought to you by Fight Milk!

  • Nimble

    As the third child... yea.... so true....

  • johnny rocket
    johnny rocket

    Quick question how many people are gathered together to make this show. Sports bad tv good. Gotcha

    • johnny rocket
      johnny rocket

      @Marilou P but actually they don't live in your utopia and they don't do any of the things that you suggest. So you arguement is moot.

    • Marilou P
      Marilou P

      Technically, it is entirely possible to not gather people together at all in order to make this show. John Oliver can film himself with a camera, send the footage to the editor who can work from home, and then send the finished material to air. Luckily, if you haven't noticed, we live in a digital world :)

  • Aren Marks
    Aren Marks

    I HATE sports but I love those marble runs. Also GO GREEN DUCKS GO!!!!!!!!

  • Adrianna Martirano
    Adrianna Martirano

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  • Wiliam m
    Wiliam m


  • Denyse Cassy
    Denyse Cassy

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  • Brian R
    Brian R

    Gritty makes me laugh and at the same time I’m horrified

  • Mousek801

    Mike Gundy has an excellent mullet.

  • Banjo Piggott wright
    Banjo Piggott wright

    I'm a proud Midnight Whisps supporter

  • Crimson Sky
    Crimson Sky

    Don’t worry, John. Adam has something to say about it

  • Elisabeth Sol
    Elisabeth Sol

    In Norway we've had football games and all, just without physical audience. Even some theatres are having plays as regular, but without audience in the room. It's hard, but they feel they need to keep it warm. It's all horrible without audience, since the communication with audience is a big thing, with theatre it's half the show, you know. :-)

  • RedThunderDan

    14:50 yeah you quarantine for 2 weeks afterwards and live off your millions of dollars

  • RedThunderDan

    It's weird that someone who throws professionally for his way too much pay can miss a throw that much

  • heyysimone

    I love whatever Gritty is. I dont know what he does, what he is, what team he is for, or even what sport he is for, because i dont live in the states, but that was amazing!

  • DeWayne Woods
    DeWayne Woods

    A fight broke out in the fans section...😂😂

  • Mustafa Pinarci
    Mustafa Pinarci

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    bobi chung

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  • Dwayne Adams II
    Dwayne Adams II

    Fighting game community + E league

  • FlashFire037

    Fantastic trailer for JMR!

  • Laura Brown
    Laura Brown

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  • Gheorghita Ciprian
    Gheorghita Ciprian

    any o'rangers fans?

  • Kim De La Cruz-Curtin
    Kim De La Cruz-Curtin

    I need a Dumpling jersey

  • Mike Lifschytz
    Mike Lifschytz


  • Dec Fairlight
    Dec Fairlight

    @4:18 That squeeker gritty has is straight out of furry conventions from like 5 years ago.

  • Maggie Alvarez
    Maggie Alvarez

    I f'n LOVE this guy!! I can't believe I went so long without seeing this show. John Oliver is the man!

  • Sergio De Anda
    Sergio De Anda

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  • subfenom

    Johnny, I'm disappointed when you said "International Soccer Leagues" instead of just football

  • Nikolai

    The adam driver bit is so cringy especially virtually

  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez

    Someone lost his marbles

  • Plumikii Ryu
    Plumikii Ryu

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  • A Grosclaude-Evans
    A Grosclaude-Evans

    Well, that joke on the Oceanics really didn’t age well

  • Norm Rayos
    Norm Rayos

    Oh god...that video of Gritty’s unblinking mad gaze looking at me through the camera while it rises slowly like it’s going to suddenly run towards me is legitimately scarier than any horror movie I’ve watched during the entire pandemic. And I’ve watched a LOT of them. Edited to say, Jelle’s Marble Run could ONLY be improved if they had Jenna Marbles as the main host. As it is it’s still 99% perfect - can’t WAIT to watch this with my niece who just discovered marble runs on her fridge.

  • thekezzamachine


  • Asim Malik
    Asim Malik

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  • Chester Valentine
    Chester Valentine

    wait... it's pronounced YELLES?

  • sandra robinson
    sandra robinson

    It is a pity that US did not switch on to Aussie sport due to a lot of hard work and lonely times in ISO not traveling for games meaning months away from family just like our FIFO miners nurses teachers had to go through harsh punishment and fines for all involved one of the top dogs got massive fine for ignoring rules, For Grand Finals 30k were able to attend we had players that left for birth of children and other family events and depending on state yes had to do two weeks in Quarantine on return this led to some great opportunity to the young kids got a go , We were only able to have this because we Ignored our Trump mini me followed local leaders and our CHOs were in charge pollies had and still have the supporting role In some states and territories barely missed any games Fouchi described the Aussie plan it worked after a while all country was able to follow with cuts to games when cases were found in the area like everything else was shut down while cases we tracked and traced soon as al clear came they started again messy yeh but they got paid better than other FIFO workers who not been home for a lot longer and don't have all the comfort players had so they did not complain adapted as best they could as unlike many they knew they at least still had a job.

  • Michael Lewis
    Michael Lewis

    I have loved Jelle's Marble Runs for years. I always wait for the compilation video of all the events at once so I can binge it in one long go. It keeps getting better and better every year. Now, where did Roldo go in the next event?

  • aRcTo

    Fight island was a huge success. And UFC was a pioneer for the way to keep sports going on.

  • BioHyde

    Fuck pro sport, an industry ridden with parasites profiteering on the back of the working class. Rest In Peace you fucks!

  • Louise Davis
    Louise Davis

    Love the marble league!! Thanks John!

  • Sharin Sesin-Lucca
    Sharin Sesin-Lucca

    Yay!!! A Sport actually worth watching via the youtube format, and here I was thinking it was only good for building the digital version of 80's mixtapes and watching political satire..woohoo..Thank you John for introducing us to this stimulating alternative. It's a shame I did not get to watching the backlog of episodes ( I was caught in a neverending netflix loop with most of the rest of the country, interspersed with commentaries on how long till trumps hairpiece also abandons him...) of Last Week Tonight !!! Can't believe I didn't know this was a thing!!

  • Halan DeBoise
    Halan DeBoise

    John. I love ya...but you are such a dork. Marble races...bless your heart

  • easybreezysneezy covergirl
    easybreezysneezy covergirl

    IM A MAN! IM FORTY!- Mike Gundy

  • Michael Whitehead
    Michael Whitehead

    Love this show! Johnny let me help you make an episode!

  • Angus Gibson
    Angus Gibson

    Savage Speeder here sitting pretty! 😎

  • Another_loser69

    Oranger gang!

  • Mafia1997

    I’m just learning about marble racing and I want one named Jenna!

  • Joe Valdez
    Joe Valdez

    Fuck John Oliver

    • Don'tSpikeMyDrink


  • Odio

    Marbula One Or Marblympics Which is better?!!

    • Fit Nerd Life
      Fit Nerd Life

      Marblymipics.. I'm an o'rangers fan and CCE is killing us in marbula one

  • Tim Donahue
    Tim Donahue

    AHHHHHHHH!!!! I love both John Oliver and I've been watching Marblelympics since 2016. This is so awesome to see them come together like this, but John how can you not shout out my O'rangers!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  • Spectrum Video
    Spectrum Video

    Jelle’s Marbles 17:29

  • Big Joe
    Big Joe

    The best part of this video is Gritties looking right trough your soul after making a shot and then bowing. Also marble races are pretty cool...right?

  • Nick Miller
    Nick Miller

    Oh look. More evidence that Vince McMahon is trash.

  • Suyog Dani
    Suyog Dani

    good content, no advertisements! awesome job

  • Saniya 666
    Saniya 666

    please upload high resolution picture of stay up late by brian swords, i'm want to use it as wallpaper for my computer, please please please. I love that painting.

  • BeaterWRX

    There are actually a pretty wide range of options to rent goats up here in the Northwest. Even Tractor Supply Co rents them so it's not just hippie startups. Plus goats are pretty cool. I kind of want to rent some goats now.

  • JootjeJ

    Just had to revisit after watching the last Marble race before the winter break 😀

  • Lesiqa Jeni
    Lesiqa Jeni

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  • Joshua Moore
    Joshua Moore

    You know how we all have phones that can load apps... they could load sports audience noises into the tv stations, which could play them back to all the tvs. Real time where possible, maybe by city or affiliate station location. The closer the more real time. Sports noises achieved. Have this, for the sake of my family.

  • Roy DaDanceGod
    Roy DaDanceGod

    1:56 Wow Drumpf only cares about getting back to watching sports on TV

  • Даниил Фирсов
    Даниил Фирсов

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  • fluffyhales

    As a wrestling fan, I'm always down to hear someone shit-talk vinnie mac

    • Don'tSpikeMyDrink


  • Gaile Oxstain
    Gaile Oxstain

    1st Google Search: "marble runs" 2nd Google Search: "How to gamble on marble runs"

  • jacob tuttle
    jacob tuttle

    I see gritty in my nightmares every night.

  • Akhere John
    Akhere John

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  • tyrongkojy

    So how many others found out about Jelle from this, and have been an avid fan since?

  • Justin

    Did you know that the 1919 Staley Cup final between Seattle and Montreal was canceled due to the Spanish Flu?

  • Patrick Butler
    Patrick Butler

    “You nasty shed”

  • Matt Gregorowicz
    Matt Gregorowicz

    Quality content from ESPN 8: THE OCHO

  • Lesiqa Jeni
    Lesiqa Jeni

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  • MovieRacket

    I wish you guys had at least mentioned esports as an alternative... Even though they've had their own problems and marble leagues are undeniable lol

  • Danny Dorito
    Danny Dorito

    I love that John's a Mets fan. It just suits him so well! Welcome to the family, John! LFGM

  • Rob B
    Rob B

    oceanics are and always will be a joke. o-rangers for life.

  • Johnny Nguyen
    Johnny Nguyen

    John Oliver: The Midnight Wisps won it all in 2018 Me, an intellectual: Bro they were literally in the bottom half in the last two events and won by one point after getting two gold medals in the final two events, thats called a comeback

  • Phillip Phoenix
    Phillip Phoenix

    John's obsession with Kylo Ren is funny as hell

  • MapleDryad

    No mention of Esports though? It's the perfect thing, with no one having to come into physical contact and the opportunity for players and I presume staff to maintain physical distancing. I'm surprised it hasn't gotten more attention during quarantine.

  • Chase Parsons
    Chase Parsons

    Vasili Komotsky! The Slap Master General himself. He could slap you back in time.

  • that one guy with the voice
    that one guy with the voice

    "is this sexual or is this violent?" "Y E S"

  • Dominik Lauko
    Dominik Lauko

    This show is a treasure.

  • Amy Bickett
    Amy Bickett

    It was the first day of 2020

  • Тодор Николов
    Тодор Николов

    an englishman saying "soccer" without batting an eye :S :S :S

  • Quinn Thomas
    Quinn Thomas

    so the Rent a Goat is actually a great idea. One of my neighbors runs a very profitable business called Goats R Us where they rent out full Goat herds for fire prevention.

  • denhouse

    Nobody- Me, a third child- It all began on the day of my actual birth, both of my parents failed to show up.

  • Christopher Poindexter
    Christopher Poindexter

    Seeing this months later, since I finally stopped being in denial and thinking as _retarded_ as some _conservative_ pricks and *"truthers"* do about the realities of the virus as the summer began, I finally let go my third-party vote that worked against ones which actually had a chance to fucking win and finally gave in to the fullness of my inner left, casting aside wishy-washy centrism; not like our country has humane democratic options enough to give centrism an honest shot anyhow, or technically they're almost all centrist comprisers attempting to appeal to as many voters as possible, depending on your POV, and I wouldn't elaborate so much on this point most places except for a show like this, even though *_"PoLiTiCs wErEn'T meNtiOnEd mUcH iN ThiS EpiSodE;"_* and in light of the pleasantness of seeing this knowing that many leagues restarted handily by now, I have to say that while their methods and execution were rather lax at times, especially about fans-in-the-stands, and they occasionally paid for it with a few drivers occasionally testing positive and missing races, I still super fucking appreciate NASCAR being one of the few to keep going really early on, improvise, have the originally intended number of events, and even take advantage of this opportunity not in an exploitative way, but to actually experiment handily with the schedule venue choices and timing, which honestly resulted in less left turns a few times and overall a lot more variety, setting the stage for even more progressive competitive decisions in that direction for next year's schedule where there will unironically be a fuck ton more of left *and* right turns; the most ideal it could have gone in a pandemic, to be honest.

  • AllYourBase

    Woooow. Six months ago