Unemployment: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
John Oliver details the many obstacles that impede access to unemployment benefits - often by design - and why the entire system needs to be rethought.
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  • ElementalNimbus

    I'm actually very curious who was asking questions in that Ron Ramsey interview. I'm so used to hearing that BS from politicians, but whoever that was actively called the statements out immediately. I'd like to know who is doing the good work even when the issue doesn't have a lot of attention like this. Update since I decided to visit the site listed: "It is with great disappointment that I must inform our readers that TNReport.com won’t be maintaining news gathering operations this legislative session.". So yeah, I guess go watch Last Week Tonight on Journalism. Still interested on who exactly that was though if anyone knows.

  • Gavin Schroeter
    Gavin Schroeter

    "Weapons Grade Cocaine" is the hardest I've laughed in a while

  • Denis

    When you are from Florida, and all you want to do is see it slide off into the ocean..........😒

  • Rami Al-Jiab
    Rami Al-Jiab

    hi john oliver. I really enjoyed the debt episode. and i understood all the angels you took. from a western point who dont think twice on how they secure accommodation its a no brainer, you hit it bulls eye. i been living in western countries for most of my life but have NO or both liberal and or conservative bones in me since I am a Muslim. It doesnt matter who holds the debt, china, japan, liberals or conservatives, they share one commonality which forms a stronger bond for them than any of these labels, they are rich. Debt which i can be 100% sure in most cases means interest i.e increasing overtime is the reason for recesions, they form bubbles that burst and guess who they hurt exclusively the poor. this is not me, some muslim on the interent, this is finincial scholars even though silenced still publish their work on thos cancer im gace of being cancelled by mr big coorape submissive to mr big bank look at the gamestop scenario, when non rich targeted hedge funds the betting companies went all out to stop legal bets. rich getting richer poor getting poorer. In islam a loan is interest free, profits for all cant exceed 30% and taxes are collected on no used items assets monetary or not. if the world did that i assure you there will be no poor to rob. cos thats wat this interest game is. people running out of good spirits and hence ability to work for society, so they use mathmetics to make money. thats not a service, only right way to make money of science and maths is by doing research and or teaching people so it can enhance other services. would love it if you made an episode on interest and how its riuning society from the core. i seen u do some out of it episodes, thinking hes gonna get detsined after this, but will you go the extra mile, will you cut to the heart of the cartel or will those veins/emotions/stakes run to close to cut. do it, i dare you

  • Amaan merchant
    Amaan merchant

    nobody hates At&T more than John oliver and i respect that SOOOO MUCH

  • apackofhoboes

    So many things in America are broken. I don't think they will ever get fixed. As long as there is money to be made in keeping people stupid and poor, it will never end.

  • sparkyenergia

    You will definitely fix your welfare problem. Just like you fixed your gun problem.

  • Asbestos Asbestos
    Asbestos Asbestos

    Its amazing to witness how much psychopathic elitist crap the USA puts up with especially when you consider how this country was created. I guess America feels like it missed out on medieval absolutism and must go though a feudal phase to feel complete

  • INCOOM13

    "When you're hungry, you'll figure out a way to eat." Crime. This is how crime happens.

  • Eviel Kanievel
    Eviel Kanievel

    Last week I almost forgot to put my trash out and ran to give it to the trash man. I told him he was lucky that he had a job because my neighbors had losts theirs . He just said to me “ This job I just started a month ago and you would be surprised at what I really do . I am not going to wait for unemployment and see my family go hungry”. Unemployment is just a blanket for lazyness.

  • Helen L
    Helen L

    Wow, really gunning for Elmo... The Cookie Monster bias is strong in this one!

  • RoyalJester17

    State doesn't have enough money? Tax the super rich Make taxes unavoidable by closing the loop holes that prevent companies like Amazon and Google to pay 0 taxes by moving money/patents around the globe.

  • Saeed Ahmed40
    Saeed Ahmed40

    Oh so like the jobcentre in the UK?

  • John Daniel Gore
    John Daniel Gore

    “When you’re hungry, you’ll find a way to eat-“ might be true but ‘a way’ can mean things she might not like, up to and including a people’s revolution (or just stealing electronics to flip; you all get the point).

  • William Vaux
    William Vaux

    "I'm surrounded by weapons-grade cocaine"

  • Funtime Florian
    Funtime Florian

    400% intrest when blaming unemployed as fraud wow

  • Lucas Arnold
    Lucas Arnold


  • Jammin07

    I never trusted that red puppet

  • JP

    People who get hungry will find a way to eat... But turning towards crime and robbing ignorant people like Laura.

  • Peter Berry
    Peter Berry

    The fact that you're not eligible if you're fired or quit is insane.

  • amanda Marie
    amanda Marie

    Please dont support a charity that supports eugenics. Listen to Autistic people, we do not want this, you are hurting our community!

  • Arturo Perez Acosta
    Arturo Perez Acosta

    As a mexican let me say this: Do you guys have unemployment benefits??? :(

  • Paul Mezhir
    Paul Mezhir

    "Sentient plantation wedding" ROFLMAO!!

  • cloudbear

    There is no such thing as conservatism. Call them what they are: feudalists.

  • RoachDoggJR

    You'll find a way to eat, huh? You'll just... find something. God I hate republicans

  • T Lindsay
    T Lindsay

    The amount of respect I have lost for your work after finding out you’re associated with the next for autism event is astronomical. If you can’t do the one google search it takes to listen to autistic voices on this matter, then I dont trust you to properly research your stories. Nothing about us, without us!

  • Scott Harris
    Scott Harris

    What exactly is "weapons grade cocaine"? Sounds highly exciting...

  • Korra Kyehjong
    Korra Kyehjong

    Okay. What is the problem with Macklemore?

  • David Hand
    David Hand

    The drug testing requirement is even stupider when you add the cost of doing those tests. You don't catch _nearly_ enough abusers to cover the costs of the tests alone. So it's cheaper in the net to just pay out to a few abusers. This is the case to some degree for _any_ restrictive measure; every measure has an actual balance. Republicans only talk about one column, Democrats only talk about the other column, so objective appraisals of where the net falls are few and far between. It's been studied for drug testing specifically, and the answer is "don't do drug testing". If anyone can expand on this with other measures, I would love to hear it.

  • Richard Whitehouse
    Richard Whitehouse

    ive only just now noticed the 2 pairs of glasses in the banner. I feel like an idiot. please someone tell me something to cheer me up?

  • Hattie Lankford
    Hattie Lankford

    In this world, we feed our kids and hide our hunger.

  • Mimi 78
    Mimi 78

    "You'll find a way to eat." Just ask the survivors from the Donner party.

  • Si Walton
    Si Walton

    Who do we go to for HELP ! I've talked to my state rep., I've talked to my governor, STILL NO UNEMPLOYMENT PAYMENT !!

  • Peter Hooper
    Peter Hooper

    I don't think anything in the US is working anymore, John. I admire your tilting against the windmills, but I'm gloomy about anything actually being done to fix all the things that are broken.

  • Happy Fox
    Happy Fox

    this is why you make example references as John and Jane Doe because there is the "just in case" your John Johnson reference blemishes someone's name and it can be serious accusations, social security is something that everyone defends from the very rich to those that absolutely needs it.

  • nmon1

    I know this is a low bar, but I think Kentuk's gov deserves some sort of crefit. Cause he stood there, took responsibility, did not obfuscate the facts and apologized. Now, I know telling the truth upfront like this is a low bar to set, except for the fact it's not! Cause the bar is set by what people do, not by what people think other people should do. Most everyone will say you should be honest and they are honest. But, that is a lie right there. And the fact is that this is rare in life, little less politics. All I'm saying is that I'm all in on shitting on those who stand up and lie to use. But that means that I, and so should you be all in on acknowledging when people stand up and speak the truth and take responsibility. We can still shit on his fuck up. But a man/woman should not be judged by their mistakes, rather how they react to those mistakes is what is important. And yes, I stand by my statment cause I alreadty know someone is going to challenge me. But before you do, let me interject my reaply to what I know you're gonna challenge; I said don't judge by peoples mistakes, judge their actions. A mistake is a keyword, meaning if someone is doing an action over and over, thats no longer a mistake. rather its a choice and therefore their actions need to be judge cause its not a mistake. murder, robbing people, domestic abuse. those are not a fucking mistake. So common sense rule applies here. The governor made a mistake. he thought a person lied and said some shit, therefore. but he actually believed it was a lie. so, that is a mistake and therefore we should judge his reactions which was to take responsibility and apologize on national TV. I stick by my statement.

  • FunLeague

    If this pissed you off, wait till you hear about Social Security !

  • Jonjo Senna
    Jonjo Senna

    You could stop world hunger, if you stopped the rich hoarding money?!

  • Identity Loss
    Identity Loss

    is USA really a super power or just a slavish conscience less society who have deep rooted apathy towards everything around them? no wonder they (a certain race) are far behind in the human evolution chain. comeon joes catchup with the rest of humanity, evolve soon.

  • Aussie Drones
    Aussie Drones

    Didn't know elmo was black

  • Maria J
    Maria J

    Hunger (i.e. lack of vitamins) makes it hard to succeed physically, mentally, and then emotionally.

  • Shropshirelass

    Says the millionaire Cambridge educated, middle class man.

  • nubinc anon
    nubinc anon

    maybe we should stop paying people who petition for degrading the lives of unemployed people....... make them work for free and deny them social support programs

  • Cody McCollum
    Cody McCollum

    I believe greed is the root of all sin and evil, and this just screams greed. Penny pinching at its finest, scrooge would be proud

  • Kevin Bissinger
    Kevin Bissinger

    "If people get a check they're less likely to work" so can we get rid of inheritance?

  • Mark Carey
    Mark Carey

    Yeah If I'm hungry enough I'll find a way....by robbing your house and taking all your shit

  • Ragabash Moon
    Ragabash Moon

    Sad thing is, there is a reason Twitter has a "Nazi problem" and that is they haven't yet found a way for a computer algorithm to tell the difference between Nazi tweets and many Republican tweets, so they have to have actual humans make that determination, which of course will have that individual's bias... Facebook is even worse for pretty much the same reason and more. You can get a suspension for calling someone a silly goose, or for referring to comedian Trae Crowder by his chosen nickname (I am not kidding, I got a 3 day FB suspension for sharing a Trae Crowder video because it was deemed "hate speech" due to his nickname and yes it has me so paranoid I don't even want to type his nickname here.)

  • Allen Bowers
    Allen Bowers

    The oppression in this country is real.... My family being low income is suffering from a great deal of oppression from the system in place that governs our people.... Laws are made against the poor to keep families of color oppressed and in some cases like ours it flows over to all of the poor not only those of color. As a family we feel the pain our country is suffering through as so much of our case relates. We are currently guilty until proven innocent. Being denied justice or safety because we aren't rich enough to afford a lawyer... By the way modest means... a program to help people retain a lawyer (and in this case we didnt even start any of the court proceedings) Can only lower the retainer to $1,500. (There is even a case we overheard the lawyer and judge discuss by name where a person suffering from mental illness has to defend herself in family court.) We have been battling against the loss of our children for the last 2 years.(they pulled a trump and spread misinformation and made a decade of false reports all unfounded and even brainwashed coached manipulated and mentally destroyed our children.) Recently we received a letter of recommendation from the therapist that states : To Whom it may concern, My name is ******** ********; I am a licensed marriage and family therapist at douglas CARES. I began working with the ***** and ******I family July 9th, 2020 for individual and family therapy due to diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder in many family members. During my time working with the family, they have made immense progress, they are beginning to stabilize however, visits with the kid’s grandparents cause behaviors and anxieties tend to escalate prior to and immediately following contact with their grandparents. There have been several behavioral concerns and stressors prior to and following visits with the children’s grandparents. The girls had been placed in relative foster care, with their maternal grandparents. This placement did not encourage a relationship with their mother and the girls were then moved into nonrelative care. While living with their grandparents the relationship between the girls and Douglas CARES has gone though many challenges. The grandparents would continuously get involved in their treatment and berate them into telling them about their sessions. The grandparents strongly discouraged any positive conversations regarding mom. For example, **** has reported that if she was to behave poorly in visits with her mother or Douglas CARES staff, she would be rewarded with bubble gum ice cream. When **** was ask how long this behavior had been going on with her grandparents, she reported “my whole life.” During **** and ****’s time in care, they have had an estranged relationship with their mother and stepfather; both have been working on reestablishing this relationship in therapy. Both girls are wishing to spend more time with their mother and stepfather at this point. Since the girls have been asking to visit and go back to live with their mother, they have been feeling as if their grandparents are treating them differently. **** has stated that she feels as if her grandparents are mad at her due to wishing to return home. When in sessions with Douglas CARES staff, if they attempted to identify strengths of their mothers or past positive memories, the girls would become agitated and not speak to therapist working with the girls the following visit. Due to these concerns, it is my recommendation that any visits between the **** and ****** family is conducted at the child welfare building. Weekly visits with the girl’s grandparents had become detrimental to the progress the girls are making in treatment. Visits with grandparents should be limited to once a month, supervised at DHS. Since starting visits with their grandparents, **** has begun to act out, including harming her sister, being defiant and having (bathroom) accidents both at night and during the day. I am concerned that these visits are causing a relapse of post trauma anxiety for the family. Thank you very much for your consideration in this matter. And the judge knowing all of this and more still is trying to force us to place our child in the care of people who have done so much to our children already. We as parents are absolutely mortified at the way everything has transposed. We have much more information please contact us by email: allenbowers802@gmail.com

  • Truth N
    Truth N

    Is it my eyes or does his head look much bigger than the body in this video??

  • Pearly

    "2-trend twists and protecting those edges..."! Me: ...ohhh john Johnny where you've been hanging out? Lol

  • TRDPaul

    It hurts when you say "mom" with a British accent

  • Shane Wilson
    Shane Wilson

    Look into Ohio's unemployment process

  • Jorge Mario Arreola
    Jorge Mario Arreola

    Please do a California episode!!!!

  • Tzisorey Tigerwuf
    Tzisorey Tigerwuf

    We live in a world where someone will take a TV so old they can't even sell it, put it on the curb as trash - and will pour water into the electronics "just in case" someone could've made use of it without paying. That. That's why the unemployment system is fucked.

  • Runaway Train
    Runaway Train

    Wait ... "Weapons-grade Cocaine"? In my hood we call that Meth my boi

  • KK91

    Eat the rich. Only the strong protest will lead to change, or else nothing will change.

  • Truckin Convoy
    Truckin Convoy

    John Oliver saying Mom, not Mum: traitor!!

  • PrincessAriel

    Not to take the conversations away from these subjects, just we're dealing with a SA crisis right now. I want to help, I think this is helping.. I can't believe I haven't seen anyone else speak on the Dobrik cases like this. They watched it happened. joked about it. Made money off of it, and had over 5 million people a wall- or a door crack away from watching it too... I feel weak, sick to my stomache....

  • eddyk

    When there's no work, and unemployment benefits are impossible to get... people do find a way to eat. Crime.

  • Latitude Dude
    Latitude Dude

    Figuring how to eat and have a home, medical care, clothing etc is a full time job with overtime, morons

  • cheng hung
    cheng hung

    I think the pandemic has taught people a big lesson, having one stream of income is not really a good idea cause your job doesn't secure your financial needs. The pandemic has really set out business-minded people from the rest that is why I'm so lucky to be among the investors trading with Mrs. Patricia Westbrook as her student it's been success and happiness since the beginning of my trades

    • Danny Caracciolo
      Danny Caracciolo

      *press X to doubt* Is this some kind of pyramid scheme?

    • Snow Getpaid
      Snow Getpaid

      Starting early is the best way of getting ahead to build wealth, investing remains a priority. The stock market has plenty of opportunities to earn a decent payouts, with the right skills and proper understanding of how the market works

    • John Micheal
      John Micheal

      When I first heard about Bitcoin, I thought it was impossible. How can you have a purely digital currency? Can’t I just copy your hard drive and have your bitcoins? I didn’t understand how that could be done, and then I looked into it and it was brilliant.”

    • Laurence Greay
      Laurence Greay

      Speaking of Bitcoin trading, it's the best business in the world right now. I know a couple of friends who make a whole lot of money trading the financial market

    • Hurley Moore
      Hurley Moore

      yeah thats true,You can only appreciate a person who tries to teach everyone how to invest and make profit on multiple ways.

  • Russell williams
    Russell williams

    Andrew yang we need you and your UBI !

  • Jarthen Greenmeadow
    Jarthen Greenmeadow

    Look I've been poor and starving before. I dropped 35 pounds in 3 months because I was eating one meal a day. The idea that you are gonna find more food is retarded. Man I was taking the elevator to save calories.

    • Jarthen Greenmeadow
      Jarthen Greenmeadow

      How long have these people ever gone without eating? Have they ever missed a day or two? How about three or a whole work week? House is empty and you dont get paid till Friday so you drink water and grit your teeth. The weekend comes and you can barely stand but you cook some tacos and cry while you eat. You cry because you know it wont last, because food has never tasted so good but more than anything you cry because some people out there didnt get to eat today.

    • Jarthen Greenmeadow
      Jarthen Greenmeadow

      This gets me fucked up because people dont know that pain. Eating your meal for the day and then going to bed while your stomach is full because its impossible to sleep with the hunger pains. Drinking water or milk for a meal. Eating out with people you have to force yourself to eat slow because you're so ravenous. You all finish eating and you cant help but wanna finish the scraps on other peoples plates and you hate yourself for that but your know tomorrow the hunger will come back so you swallow your pride and ask anyway. People who dont know really cant understand. This shit hurts on a lot of levels.

  • Tamara Wynne
    Tamara Wynne

    I'm in Australia and on our version of unemployment (Jobseeker) and have to apply to 15 jobs per month in order to get $40 a day, but hey, at least our system is centralised.

  • NMEdrone

    13:25 cringe

  • Benjamin Gal-Or
    Benjamin Gal-Or

    UNDER INT'L LAW the sole body to mandate WHO as UN-CZAR in our common global war against current viruses is only UN SECURITY COUNCIL JOB. So do it. A. HIGHLY INFECTED-COUNTRIES IN NEED OF URGENT UN-CZAR HELP? Life Expectancy Ranking vs. WHO-JHU C/VAR Deaths Rates, e.g. [75] MXC 9.18 [146] SDN 6.85 [109] SYR 6.81 [54] CN 5.13 [51] EQD 4.98 [117] BLV 4.41 [77] BLGR 3.96 [86] GTM 3.45 [57] PRU 3.33 [89] ELS 3.09 B. MEDIUM INFECTED-COUNTRIES IN NEED OF URGENT UN-CZAR HELP? Life Expectancy Ranking vs. WHO-JHU C/VAR Deaths Rates, e.g [66] BRZ 2.62 [25 ] GRM 2.62 [23] BLG 2.54 [103] RUS 2.12 [35] U.S. 1.80 [118] PHL 1.73 [3] SWS 1.69 [11] SWD 1.59 C. LOWEST INFECTED IN LOW NEED OF UN-CZAR HELP? Life Expectancy Ranking vs. WHO-JHU C/VAR Deaths Rates, e.g [4] SNG 0.05 [114] BUTN 0.11 [126] MNGL 0.16 [33] MLDV 0.26 [49] TLND 0.29 [41] UAE 0.32 [95] SYCL 0.55 [43] CURC 0.60 [28] CYP 0.63 [112] USBK 0.74 [9] ISR 0.75 [54] BORA 0.76 D. CONCLUSIONS 1) ONLY UN MANDATED CZAR CAN LEGALLY STOP GLOBAL VIRUS-VARIANTS SPREAD. 2) 5-Months Corona History-Trends-Spread in 114 countries available by clicking name and search. Copyrights Benjamin Gal-Or, David Galor

  • Stephanie Daye
    Stephanie Daye

    To Laura Ingraham “roadblocks put in place by Republicans creates hunger” and then that leads to starvation, Ms. Ingraham. In Canada the Employment Insurance system is uniform and robust across all provinces. AND we have fast tracking programmes that ensure individuals can retrain quickly in order to get back to work. American policy is to create hunger and then not give so much as a chicken wing to gnaw on.

  • Stephanie Daye
    Stephanie Daye

    😆 I see you, John Olly!

  • BigCarKilla

    Oh yeah? You want to know how this pans out? Australia is already going through aaaaaaaaaall of these bad changes you mentioned. Now up to 15 jobs a month we MUST apply for.

  • ausieemu

    This shit is exactly what's been going on in Australia, expect bordering on worse. Our payments nation-wide are ~$270 a week. Look up the currency conversion. Then consider that our cost of living is higher. We have to search for 20 jobs a month. They're now implementing a program where you have to do useless "skills training" as well. For extra fun, look up what happened with "robodebt". And now with the Indue cashless card. It's super fucked. Our government seems to want to humiliate and starve poor people.

    • Clint Stewart
      Clint Stewart

      @ausieemu Man thats fuked that up ...more and more the world is becoming for the elites

    • ausieemu

      @Clint Stewart We still use cash, the government is planning on rolling out a cashless card for people on unemployment though, so they have no control over their money :(

    • Clint Stewart
      Clint Stewart

      jesus never imagina Australia being like that, its a no cash nation now ?

  • Spateri

    "Arbeit Mach Frei"...US has a long way to go.

  • Randy Schwing
    Randy Schwing

    It very much was Elmo's fault

  • Thanatos

    Burn and Eat the Rich

  • Mark g
    Mark g

    Have you done a TV show on how hard it us to find work? It is impossible to meet the standards for employment

  • Robert Taylor
    Robert Taylor

    Canada is a federal system. The idea is to keep skilled workers available in their field. It depends on if we have a liberal or conservative govt, and it has been eroded over the last 30 years or so.

  • Mark g
    Mark g

    Forget about unemployment benefits the thing is people are not allowed to work and you can be fired for looking at someone the wrong way.

  • Mark g
    Mark g

    People fund unemployment benefits also through the payment of unemployment insurance

  • Akin Okusami
    Akin Okusami

    I'm still flabbergasted that things like this go on in America, the so-called "city upon a shiny hill". All that tax revenue that could've helped hardworking people who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own is in the pockets of billionaires offshore or their Manhattan penthouse apartment portfolios. And Florida wonders why the world thinks it's a backwater dump! The likes of DeSantis love to rile against big business when it suits them, but they have effectively sold the souls of Floridian workers to appease the very big business, big pharma & "elites" they claim to hate. Yet Massachuets is a far more prosperous and business friendly environment as its workers are undoubtedly more skilled because it's a more attractive place to work, due to its better pay, and at least the workers are better looked after. But woe, Floridians & Kentuckians will still vote for these fools who publicly show them zero respect.

  • Jayson Cowan
    Jayson Cowan

    or the old saying people can't protest if they are hungry.

  • Ellen


  • Tomatofaced Disgrace
    Tomatofaced Disgrace

    Slenderman understudy Sen Rick Scott! 😂😂😂

  • tiermacgirl

    Poor lil elmo leave him alone

  • Valdagast

    If we drug test the unemployed, we should test Congressmen as well. We don't need to support that lifestyle with government money.

  • Riley Stevenson
    Riley Stevenson

    I applied for unemployment exactly a year ago and my unemployment office just ghosted me for months, and then sent me an email months later assuming I had just sorted it out. Never received unemployment.

  • Mark Howe
    Mark Howe

    This show has gone from light hearted joking about news stories to John screaming into the camera

  • Patrick Ivan
    Patrick Ivan

    Pfh. John Oliver with his privilege. Weapons grade cocaine indeed! Meanwhile the cogs like us are stuck with crushed cold meds cut with baby powder.

    • Patrick Ivan
      Patrick Ivan

      Ps, don't mistake baby powder with shoe deodorizer. Just trust me on that.

  • Jane Cat
    Jane Cat

    I would like to thank John Oliver for making me appreciate the fact that I don't live in the US.

  • T C
    T C

    "we are actively looking choosing not to do it, which is a fucking disgrace" I don't think that bit got aired.

  • Cee

    Another episode of "why Australia, as badly as it's run, is far better than the US"

  • E942

    "We succeeded in preventing people who need help to get help!" - "WHERE IS THE APPLAUSE?!?!?!?!?!"

  • Cake Cinema
    Cake Cinema

    This entire video is just "the rich don't care about the poor and want every excuse to not give them enough resources to survive. Is anyone surprised? No? Yeah me neither..."

  • So'kiel

    I wish there was 400% recuperation for mistakes the government officials and police do.

  • Rachel C D Matthews
    Rachel C D Matthews

    Tell you what, that Laura Ingram would have LOVED old Maggie Thatcher. Fairly certain she said something similar...

  • Steevee Keys
    Steevee Keys

    When you're unemployed life basically stops, you can't pay for a date, can't buy a house, your fiance dumps you, can't buy a car. I once heard an economist say that it's serves a purpose in the economy... preventing the economy from "overheating". I got hit with unemployment back in the mid-80s oil crisis depression in Texas. My heart goes out to people that are unemployed. It's not easy but I survived it and you can too.

  • C. Rose
    C. Rose

    What did she say about Mickey Mouse??????????

  • ZerreZ

    is it just me or its sickening learning how the Floridian administration went out of its way to make sure people couldn't get the help they needed. it's downright sadistic. it wasn't there to reduce fraud, the level of restriction they had was well beyond that level. that was the government that actively sought to harm its own citizens. how shameful. and then to brag about those numbers. that's a psychopath for you.

  • kgalalelo Mafora
    kgalalelo Mafora

    and thats how the hunger games started

  • vacuumunit

    Now you are old

  • Argumemnon

    I wonder if conservatives really think that making people's lives shitty is a great way to give people the drive to succeed, or if they're just soft-lobbying for the rich who don't want to pay more taxes.

  • Akira M
    Akira M

    I thought it was the heat and humidity keeping me out of Florida but this video just added loads of other reasons to stay out.