Trump & Election Results: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
A week after Joe Biden’s win in the US presidential election, John Oliver discusses Donald Trump’s various attempts to overturn the results, why his claims don’t hold water, and the consequences of indulging him.
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  • T Lindsay
    T Lindsay

    The amount of respect I have lost for your work after finding out you’re associated with the next for autism event is astronomical. If you can’t do the one google search it takes to listen to autistic voices on this matter, then I dont trust you to properly research your stories. Nothing about us, without us!

  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez

    8:35 not illegal. but understandable

  • Carrie Adcock
    Carrie Adcock

    Is there an episode where he talks about the Capitol Hill riot?

  • William Henry
    William Henry

    If anybody sees comments talkin about them questioning asking questions about the election results just report them... the reason to have dialogue with them they're not asking questions they're making statements... statements which are bald-faced lies...also if anybody purports to be just asking questions about covid 19 they need to be reported as well... they're not asking questions again they're spreading lies.... unsolicited this point people still doing that are just harassing everyone... it's 100% obvious who the cynical cowards are in this country and they need to be avoided and shunned like the plague... as long as they are in that mindset they are not anyone's friend

  • William Henry
    William Henry

    If we want the country to even exist as the United States we can never ever allow these fascists to gain power again... it's that simple if they do we're finished.. if they want to leave and be separatist we should let them... the Republicans are literally the new Confederacy... we cannot let them take us down like that.. probably safer just to let them go their own way.. definitely not a group that we can afford to negotiate with anymore..

  • Cody McCollum
    Cody McCollum

    The Biden presidency hasn’t been smooth so far I know it’s only 4 months in, but he called trump a dictator and said only a dictator ruled by executive order, and then immediately signed the most executive orders in US history so I guess he is the dictator and it was actually a warning and one of them over turned trumps insulin and epiPen plan so now insulin went from $60 to $600 and no one can afford it anymore. I’ve seen countless videos of people crying saying they can’t treat their diabetes anymore so thanks for that.

  • Cullen Boardman
    Cullen Boardman

    Well the proof is here, 4 months later, the Republican party is and has been the nazi party in a clown costume.

  • Zirk Kriz
    Zirk Kriz

    I am 100% sure, that actor is being held by gun point and is reading off of cue cards.

  • Faical Rayani
    Faical Rayani

    I'm glad Biden won but it's very strange that voter fraud was a huge issue right up until this election.. from what I remember there was no ensure voting in the US was secure because there was no investment in voting machines and each state can collect votes however it likes

  • Craig Stevens
    Craig Stevens

    "Whats the harm in humoring him for a little bit of time" - HILLBILLIES STORM CAPTIOL

  • James Roman
    James Roman

    How incredibly prophetic!

  • Jonn Cockrell
    Jonn Cockrell

    If you don't think Trump is a Nazi by now it's cause you are a Nazi or a fellow traveler.

  • Groudon 909
    Groudon 909

    Why would anyone even use dead people to vote? If you have a list of people why not just use living people who didn't vote by mailing in blank ballots and then writing the names of living people on them afterwards. Of course that plan could be hard for morons to remember and say so...

  • Aisling Carberry
    Aisling Carberry

    Possibly the worst-aged episode from the “what’s the harm of humouring him from this small amount of time” to Matt Gaets reference

  • Ian Barnett
    Ian Barnett

    "...the Weimar Republic" 😂

  • Bree Pham
    Bree Pham

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  • Iskold

    Watching this after Jan 6 riots. -_-

  • Adam Stansfield
    Adam Stansfield

    Watching this after the capital attack adds some poignance

  • Dudley Burleson
    Dudley Burleson

    Biden colluded with China to steal the election!! Hes guilty so dont dare say hes not Dont have any proof but if you ask for proof you are helping China

    • Lone Skankster
      Lone Skankster

      Arent the Republicans owns by Russia?

    • Stephen2462


  • Vicky Smith
    Vicky Smith

    Where are all those Trump supporter i was that believed that Biden would never be president? Where are those ppl saying that all those LAWSUITS would make a difference? And my last question, do you feel stupid for believing YOUR FAKE NEWS? Sorry I've been arguing with them since the election trying to explain the TRUTH! They didn't want to hear it, so of course, they wouldn't believe it. I don't feel sorry for any of them! I can't help but laugh at these idiots!

  • Rhys Graves
    Rhys Graves

    Dude that turtle is just a weirdly shaped cheese wheel and I love it

  • jupiter casper
    jupiter casper

    “What is the downside of humoring him for this little bit of time?” January 6th: Allow me to introduce myself. I don't think we've met.

  • Ani

    It's sad that both donald and biden rly suck

  • dean l
    dean l

    Good one.

  • Brett Martin
    Brett Martin

    "That's an excellent question, you waiter's nightmare" 😂😂😂😂

  • mochi heart
    mochi heart

    Forty McFortFace

  • Ed Kelly
    Ed Kelly

    Imagine if John did this show in Mid January ...

  • Chris Hutson
    Chris Hutson

    This was still seven weeks before the sedition shown down at the Capitol. I wish I could show this John Oliver just how ridiculous it would get.

  • Andrew Pitts
    Andrew Pitts

    “What is the downside for humoring yuk for this little bit of time” Damn that comment did NOT age well after that riot.

  • Jerome Ebner
    Jerome Ebner

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  • brian osullivan
    brian osullivan

    John oliver doesn't trumps tactics remind you of a past dictator with A mustache??

  • 용훈혜숙

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  • IowaRAP

    Fucking Bob Lob Law?

  • Opinions No One Cares About
    Opinions No One Cares About

    Interesting that Voight said this was our greatest battle since the Civil War...the one that was fought over people's right to own other people...not any of the wars that have happened since. Isn't that interesting?

  • theemissary1313

    Viewing this after Jan 6th, i can answer what's the downside of humouring him.

  • ZephyrFluous

    Ding ding ding, you are correct, Trump had absolutely no plan for covid

  • The Grand Strategy Nerd
    The Grand Strategy Nerd


  • Lisa Keeneth
    Lisa Keeneth

    Yeah turns out they didn't have a plan at all soooo

  • John Kirkland
    John Kirkland

    I just realised that Ezekiel, the annoying settler questioning the amazing name of Forty Fort, was very appropriately drawn as John Oliver

  • Torpe Max
    Torpe Max

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  • SRJ

    Petition to John Oliver to do an episode on the capital riots.

    • Don'tSpikeMyDrink

      he won't

  • Gini #FSGOut 20
    Gini #FSGOut 20

    10k solid dislike😂😂😂

  • ant viv
    ant viv

    no episode today sigh

  • Fiona Tanzer
    Fiona Tanzer

    And, with the benefit of hindsight, we all know how this turned out... Insurrection, ignominious defeat of trump (still not conceding), and suing of his lying lawyers and Fox News by Dominion for billions. Bright side - Joe Biden is turning out to be a great president.

  • Seth Hawk
    Seth Hawk

    Looking back at this after the insurrection at the Capital...Wow... Pretty on the nose when John said Trump was playing "a dangerous game"

  • Boobalopbop


  • Briana sasthap
    Briana sasthap

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  • Marty R
    Marty R

    Mitch McConnell looks like he opened the Ark of the covenant and then didn't close his eyes. He should have listened to Indy.

  • William Browne
    William Browne

    It’s not over until the last fisting you give....truly inspirational, John, and so true. You really are a comedic philosopher!

  • Presto Britton
    Presto Britton

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  • Presto Britton
    Presto Britton

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  • S1deH0e101

    "My fellow Americans I stand here today sitting in this room"

  • Tauhid Islam
    Tauhid Islam

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  • J A
    J A

    Anjelinas dad is ready for the nursing home.

  • R


  • Betty Caldwell
    Betty Caldwell

    The humorous knickers likely examine because budget happily fade to a synonymous stop. caring, painstaking drive

  • captainchuppachup

    Just wondering here in March 2021 if the blacked out fox news witness was in fact Melissa Carone?

  • iuzarneimaveilabal

    You picked a real winner here... Biden`s blunders :))

    • Lone Skankster
      Lone Skankster

      @Don'tSpikeMyDrink Trumps blunder was 76 years long

    • Don'tSpikeMyDrink

      Trump's blunders was 4 years long

  • Tralfazz74

    I really wish Twitter hadn't put the "disputed claim" tag on all of Trump's tweets. It doesn't matter the truth of the content, adding that tag told people on Trump's side that "Twitter's against us now," and I highly doubt a single mind was changed. It would be better to do no damage control than selective damage control in front of a very large angry mob, one consisting primarily of people who doubt your credibility.

  • Mike D
    Mike D

    If anyone in this election was Satan, it has to be Trump. Idk why Christians think he's the new Jesus. It's weird. The most unchristian person I've ever seen in my life is touted as a modern day Jesus. If anything he's the antichrist.

  • sneakwastaken

    Plenty of outright lies and propaganda in this, as usual. Go back to Britain -- you don't deserve to live in our country.

    • Lone Skankster
      Lone Skankster

      Your insurrection failed. Joe Biden is your president. Get over it, or get out of MY country. We dont tolerate traitors here.

    • Stephen2462

      Oh look, blatant projection.

    • Lang

      Trump literally lost every single suit he tried to file, and has no actual evidence. If there's any propaganda here, it's about republican's suggestion that there is election fraud

  • sneakwastaken

    Trump won bigly.

    • Mark A
      Mark A

      Which state is that in?

    • Stephen2462


    • Lang

      He factually did not

  • Michael Clark
    Michael Clark

    This segment aged well

  • Gary McRoy
    Gary McRoy

    angelina jolie always said voight was a piece of shit. Guess she was right

  • Gary McRoy
    Gary McRoy

    NO WONDER jon voights own famous daughter hates her dad

  • schwedi-boi

    2:48 a fucking lot

  • AJ Bowen
    AJ Bowen

    After rewatching this video, Trump and the GOP’s plan was to sow discord in order to push through almost 250 bills in 43 states to restrict voter access under the guise of preventing voter fraud. The US has a horrible short term memory.

  • Dead Shakers
    Dead Shakers

    incorrect, that era had the highest literacy rate

    • Dead Shakers
      Dead Shakers

      i think i read it somewhere not sure

  • Carolina Murtha
    Carolina Murtha

    Now we know why Trumps covid task force wouldn’t share their information with Biden’s administration: there was nothing to share.

  • BeaterWRX

    Might need to conduct a study on how many times you can call de blasio a bitch on Twitter before you get banned.

  • John Linden
    John Linden

    Jon Voight was not Voight , he was Voight! A good actor but a lousy prophet !

  • conkshellthegeek7

    We could've done this whole show talking about this shiny cheddar cheese mistake, but instead we have to talk about *this* shiny cheddar cheese mistake.

  • victimofstupidity

    Why does Ezekiel from Forty Fort kinda look like Stephen Colbert 😂

  • Carl Fels
    Carl Fels

    2025 China is more important than the USA, and there they do not have such problems...

  • Michael Sparks
    Michael Sparks

    I love watching Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. This guy's always on point and does the best job at getting as much humor out of it as humanly possible. He's even funnier than Trevor Noah who I'm also a fan of. I'm very happy to watch Oliver call it for exactly what it is. A fraudulent attempt by Trump to try and change the truth that he lost. So much bullshit coming from Trump's corner with all of his supporters blindly following him into the abyss of lies that he seems to have no end to. Donald Trump's America is one that promotes racism and division between everyone. If it wasn't black and white people it would be males and females. Just as long as he can create some sort of division. He doesn't care about the country or how much damage and deaths are caused by covid-19. Neither do any of his supporters because if they did they would step away from the Trump administration's lies and deceit.

  • Angela Taylor
    Angela Taylor

    In March 18, 2021. This is really interesting. Fucking racist Republicans.

  • Caitlin Riley
    Caitlin Riley

    Tucker Carlson is “waiter’s nightmare” incarnate.

  • Spencer :O
    Spencer :O

    “You waiters worse nightmare”😂

  • Krusty the Clown
    Krusty the Clown

    Forty fort and gravy grave. 🤣😂

  • Bryn Peterson
    Bryn Peterson

    Calling Tucker Carlson an "80's ski bully who just lost the big race" is one of the most accurate descriptions of a person I've ever heard 🤣

  • kim minh
    kim minh

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  • MisterTutor2010

    Tyrosine? I thought that was an amino acid.

  • Dr.Csani

    2:54 Okay... That caught me off guard... 😂

  • John Hernandez
    John Hernandez

    Honestly both the turtle and trump are the same yellow

  • fumes des péterds
    fumes des péterds

    This is the first post COVID episode I have seen. And I am BEYOND thankful they didn’t use canned laughter. That would’ve caused me to click away very quickly. In fact when a studio audience is allowed to return, I may just stop watching because responsive/canned laughter annoying asf and incredibly dated

  • Jon Shriber
    Jon Shriber


  • Emily Lyra Abbott
    Emily Lyra Abbott

    Who else is here in 2021 counting the number of comments from the morning of January 7th?

  • Francisco Munoz
    Francisco Munoz

    Old man:This is now the greatest war since the Civil War righteousness versus Satan. My exact reaction: *turns phone off*

  • Matt

    It's scary to think about how close we came to having a dictator. We need thorough investigations and criminal charges!

  • Mr_Virgina_LUV_88

    How can you quote Muhammad Ali when you support the civil war? Wtf?

  • Gianna Leng
    Gianna Leng

    “There’s a difference between not my President and not THE President”

  • Dursun Sahin
    Dursun Sahin

    o John Oliver, where forth art thou ? it's been a sobering 12 months

  • Leah Vogel
    Leah Vogel

    Sadly John Voight is still a horrible human being

    • fangal12

      But he was a great Mickey Donovan

  • jwh2f

    Who's watching this after January 6? Damn prescient, if you ask me...

  • Monika

    Even that fox presenter is trying not to laugh at the chipmunk "whistle blower".

  • duke salazar
    duke salazar

    The fancy buzzard concomitantly grab because boy structurally dream until a handy uzbekistan. useless, parallel cook

  • InxsLEGOrailfan4449

    4:08 ah yes captain virgn

  • James Ticknor
    James Ticknor

    This segment had less jokes. That is what happens when the joke becomes reality.

  • Pizza Goblin
    Pizza Goblin

    I love hearing "what's the downside of humoring him for this little bit of time" with hindsight. It's a big ol' yikes

    • Jabroni