Tucker Carlson: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Tucker Carlson is admired by white nationalists, elected officials, and maybe some of your relatives or coworkers. Given that he has the ear of so many Americans, John Oliver explains where Tucker came from, what his rhetorical tactics are, and what he represents.
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  • Cr Hu
    Cr Hu

    Post this in every Tuckkker KKkarlson thread lol.

  • Cr Hu
    Cr Hu

    Britney chewing gun DURING the interview was actually peak Tucker AND peak Britney AND peak 2003. Since it was not talking about Iraq, right...we all know there's no need to talk any more about Iraq.

  • Cr Hu
    Cr Hu

    "You with the skin and the face... We got a spare career sitting around.". Exactly

  • Cr Hu
    Cr Hu

    "doing groundbreaking shows like 'cuckolding'...FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME".

  • Cr Hu
    Cr Hu

    #Derek_Black nails it, it's #Tuckkker.

  • Cr Hu
    Cr Hu

    "Befuddled face of a 13th century farmer learning about Bitcoin "🤣🤣🤣🤘🤣

  • Cr Hu
    Cr Hu


  • Cr Hu
    Cr Hu

    "Performatively outraged wedge salad"🤣🤣. #POWS

  • Obadiah Von Death
    Obadiah Von Death

    it is that Dog Learning Algebra look isn't it? he's got that one down!

  • John W. Nelson
    John W. Nelson

    All minorities and alians should pay close attention to everything Tucker says he is the Dangerous White Enemy (DWE) with a dangerous White message for dangerous White People with dangerous antisocial and antidemocratic agendas. The Klan at Prime Time!

  • Josh Kovacevich
    Josh Kovacevich

    Grossly misrepresented comments, negative framing, obvious bias, and disregard of evidence to the contrary of your points.... I used to love this show, but it has drastically gone down hill over the last year or so... I am honestly disappointed.

  • Do T
    Do T

    Wow, 37.165 Tucker-Fans watch this show until today...

  • Ethen Einspenner
    Ethen Einspenner

    Who listens to John Oliver

  • Andrew Baker
    Andrew Baker

    I'm so sick of these weak men like John Oliver and Jimmy Kimmel just towing the lefty woke line. It's not funny. Grow some balls. I know John Oliver used to be capable of being funny, I watched Community.

  • Férnan CV
    Férnan CV

    He basically attacked and ridiculed, never propose a rational argument among the silly punch lines.

  • Mary Ann
    Mary Ann

    I hate Tucker Carlson so much I can't even watch this episode.

  • Linda Noel
    Linda Noel

    “Making the befuddled face of a 13th century farmer learning about bit coin.” HaHa! LOVE IT!

  • S G N
    S G N

    Fuck you LV-home.

  • Kenny Russell
    Kenny Russell

    Can we get another Tucker episode now?

  • Khorne Flake
    Khorne Flake

    You have admiration of all the anti-white racists, and the rest of the wokeland, so how that spares you from the comparison of Tucker being watched by some white racists? Tucker makes good points even in the segments where you try to ridicule him, but like that matters for this echo-chamber. I'm not going to lie, I'm glad that America is going downhill fast, but hypocrites like yourself disgust me.

  • Scarlett O'Hara
    Scarlett O'Hara

    News in America is weird. I've seen both Fox News and left leaning outlets like MSNBC and all outlets generally seem to present these video essays with their personal interpretation of facts rather than the facts themselves. Where I live, biased media does exist but that bias is only evident when they conduct panel discussions or debates. Otherwise when they report everyday events, they just state the facts and comments made by people involved in the event in question and move on. All this rambling that accompanies every segment is really weird. How is that even journalism? I mean in a clip used in this episode, Tucker goes on a rant about how all BLM protesters are just jobless looters who like to damage America's infrastructure. Now even if that weirdly specific claim is absolutely true, there's simply no way that he actually performed background checks on each and every BLM activist-----so why would he report his personal opinions on these people like facts? Isn't journalism supposed to be about reporting the actual, verifiable information and keeping your opinions out of it?

  • R C
    R C

    John Oliver I challenge you to do a video investigating the strange correlation between all late night host “comedy” shows and why they’re not funny anymore

  • saccaron

    I have two problems with this: 1° While being in general agreement with the points the show is trying to make, I think it is quite inefficient at doing it. Taking some quote of someone which is not shocking and say "but perhaps he meant something else" is not very efficient, nor even ethical when it is taking things out of context. And spending two minutes insisting Carlson is white is not interesting neither. In this case there is so much more to say about his opinions and positions, which are amost only ridiculous. 2° It is not very funny... Perhaps I am getting used to the show, or it is the general covid shutdown affecting it, but it felt funnier a few years ago. I think Oliver may have lost some subtlety?

  • Ofer Benjamin
    Ofer Benjamin

    I don't understand, is this is a comedian show?

  • Scott Lanter
    Scott Lanter

    John seem jealous. I don’t watch fox but I think I’ll check out Tuckers show seem like a interesting guy. If he is racist, I won’t support he’s platform by watching.

  • David Futschik
    David Futschik

    John Oliver became such a virtue signalling knob, it's honestly hard to believe he's even being genuine in his show. What have you really done, John?

  • keiko

    Weak episode John Oliver I thought you would have presented a more convincing argument. You failed just like John Stewert LOL!

  • kel n
    kel n

    Like the tan Tucker Carlson. From a black woman 😇🥰😰🙊🙉

  • TruthSeeker Odinson
    TruthSeeker Odinson

    I wish that I could agree wholeheartedly with John Oliver. I really do. But the targeting of white males real and visible. My employer is currently holding 6 hours of training sessions on implicit bias (which is real) and implies that this means systemic racism (which is debatable). Training on inclusion based on the Ontario Human Right code which explicitly states no discrimination based on creed, colour,...manages to unabashedly have a chapter on "white privilege". There are again job postings where it is explicitly stated that 40% of short listed candidates will come from all the groups that aren't white male. Smarter people than myself have asked whether systemic racism and anti-black bias is real and come to the conclusion that it's not and largely in favour of a cultural explanation: Coleman Hughes, Sam Harris, Jordan Peterson. Remember the Lord's prayer which was dropped from the school system because secularism was a fundamental value of multiculturalism? No religion or culture will be above another? Well it's now replaced by a beating drum and an animal spirit prayer and a romantic tribute to First Nations. Inclusion good; replacement bad. So long as the woke keep firing at white people,...debatably without actual basis, then Tucker Carlson's grain of truth will be appealing and the reaction to John Oliver will be "yeah,...but".

  • Muzi Tshabalala
    Muzi Tshabalala

    So much better without the laughing audiance.

  • anand boss
    anand boss

    Its gotten so much worse since this video came out

  • Rob C
    Rob C

    Suggesting that women can't be men and vice versa is not transphobic.

    • Diarmuid Daly
      Diarmuid Daly

      @Rob C You are not accepting them as who they want to be. That is transphobia. Let people be who they want. It has literally zero effect on your life. You must have no empathy. Sad.

    • Rob C
      Rob C

      ​@Diarmuid Daly transphobia is defined as dislike of or prejudice against transsexual or transgender people. The key here being a negative inference against trans people. Just because some won't accept that women can become men does not mean a dislike or prejudice of said person, it is simply not indulging their opinion, feelings or delusion.

    • Diarmuid Daly
      Diarmuid Daly

      That is literally the definition of transphobia

  • tk9780

    Heritage? Who would want to preserve a historic heritage that contains both slavery and genocide?

  • sean3223a

    I used to be a fan of John Oliver, now it's evident he's nothing more than a mouthpiece and a puppet. Sad.

  • Steele Griffiths
    Steele Griffiths

    It sickens me that Tucker, as the nearest thing to a neo-nazi gateway drug and KKK spokesman, is completely entitled to dream of being VP. Whereas John Oliver can never run against him, being an immigrant. I know which I'd rather see holding the reins of power in the US, and it's not Tucker. I'm so glad that I got to see the video of Jon Stewart tearing Tucker to shreds on Crossfire... that should have been enough to send anyone shamefully slinking into the shadows forever. But if this has been Tucker's real agenda and motivation all along ... maybe that's why he has persisted, why he has been backed and supported to continue, why he has become even more open, despite being called out. I've got a feeling there are a lot of taped phone calls being sat on by the NSA, FBI, etc that would aid in clearing house and ridding the US of the white supremacists perpetuating this narrative from positions of power. What if you could convince Jon Stewart to run against Tucker? O.O I would pay to see that.

  • giulio magliano
    giulio magliano

    Jeez John Oliver has really declined in the last 2 years....

  • Slippery Pickle
    Slippery Pickle

    I thought tucker carlson was just a paradise PD character

  • Langalibalele Mtimkulu
    Langalibalele Mtimkulu

    Please do a show on the Fairness Doctrine....I'm tired of being gaslight/gaslit by @FoxNews and @newsmax their lies are immoral n unethical......therefore they should be illegal.....just get the conversion started, we`ll do the rest.

  • The_Soviet_Penguin

    I can't get enough of John's insults

  • Ja'Quandre Jones
    Ja'Quandre Jones

    Tucker can literally just make shit up and his braindead sister smoochers will buy it.

  • Abide with Jesus Christ Word, Depart from Evil.
    Abide with Jesus Christ Word, Depart from Evil.

    Their is freedom justice of Christ Jesus. You don’t have to work on flesh. Flesh workers: stress, harden.

  • Abide with Jesus Christ Word, Depart from Evil.
    Abide with Jesus Christ Word, Depart from Evil.

    A true believer of Christ Jesus: a man will not care of the things how nice his house look, but gratefully thanks in spirit to all mighty Jesus Christ.

  • Dead to Riot
    Dead to Riot

    Your a wormy little troll, so glad you left the UK, we (Brits) never liked you

  • David Briggs
    David Briggs

    The remarks indeed were about women in the military. However, they were in no way negative towards women in the military. Anyone can watch it and make their own decision instead of that which John espouses for corporate America. I used to like and watch John a lot until I recognised the CIA propaganda methods of giving 80-90% truth to gain trust for the lies intermingled. This has been perfected by the Crown (MI6/CIA) over hundreds of years.

  • Shalini Deb
    Shalini Deb

    This video did nothing but expose the insecurity of JO about TC's popularity :) People who know the truth will agree

  • CeeDee Lamb
    CeeDee Lamb

    So good to see how he pisses you off 😄 as long as there are people like Tucker I won’t lose my faith in this beautiful country!!!! We will stand our ground and we will stand for our beautiful flag 🇺🇸💪🏽

  • Mostly Mistitby1
    Mostly Mistitby1

    I reeeeeeeeally dislike TC. I will just leave it there.

  • harvey2609


  • ShanKat

    Hungry Man’s son is a Thirsty Boi

  • Dangnabbit

    "We plan to say what's true to the last day" - while at the same time saying in defence to the Dominion lawsuit that no reasonable person could have believed that the claims about Dominion machines changing votes could be true. Thank you F****r Carlson for your excoriation of your employer's legal defence.

  • Jack Morgan
    Jack Morgan

    Imagine coming so close to the point over and over again yet missing it entirely

  • Paul Torcello
    Paul Torcello

    Anamorphic lens may thin your your face on screen Tucker, but you still have no neck.

  • Dr. Mike
    Dr. Mike

    You are a fool. You are proving his point.

    • Phanno

      What point is he proving exactly. I'm aware that Tucker doesn't use evidence to back up his claims, but you can atleast try.

  • Merlyn Mac
    Merlyn Mac

    I knew he was a fucking spoiled prat.

  • Sanket Patne
    Sanket Patne

    Can you also do a cover on the Indian Tucker Carlson, Arnab Goswami xD

  • Gareth Hillary
    Gareth Hillary

    I wish John Oliver would come back to the UK and be set loose on our aristocracy but clearly the US needs him more, because he's the hero the UK deserves, but doesn't need right now.

  • Paul Bourdin
    Paul Bourdin


  • nox 333
    nox 333

    Sorry, I can't do this one. I'm already hearing bizkit's "break stuff" with his face on my screen.

  • Sudipto Banerjee
    Sudipto Banerjee

    And in India we have Arnob Goswami's doing the same thing in three languages. Using diversity to his own benefit.

    • Are You Going To Do The 'Ora Ora' Thing?
      Are You Going To Do The 'Ora Ora' Thing?

      someone said it 👍🏿💯

  • dakusaab

    the platforms used in usa are a perfect example for the world to see how indoctrination works perfectly

  • docvince100

    because tucker talks with sense not like this British guy who pretends to be woke for rating!!!

    • Phanno

      Tucker says what you want to hear, and not the truth. If you want to live in your own little safe space, then keep on experiencing his fantasy world.

  • Emcee Boogieboots
    Emcee Boogieboots

    Oh my god, this bloke sounds like the History Guy!

  • Complex flavour
    Complex flavour

    The market with regulate its self The market :

  • Sports Noticeboard
    Sports Noticeboard

    you lost me at a white supremacist watches Tucker Carlson....

    • Kieran Proux
      Kieran Proux

      Cheers, but i don't see this that hard to believe? Where else would white supremacists get their daily news.

    • Sports Noticeboard
      Sports Noticeboard

      @Kieran Proux 4:21

    • Kieran Proux
      Kieran Proux


  • Sebastian Cepeda
    Sebastian Cepeda

    the liberal did make some compelling points

  • themightylebeau

    "Relentlessly indignant picket fence" is now my favorite insult 😂😂😂

  • mister JJ
    mister JJ

    This guy is brilliant.

  • old and let down
    old and let down

    Good job done on Tucker ...now do the same on Rachel Meadow and all of CNN and rest of the corrupt main stream media ....John Oliver you have the power expose the miss information.

  • Matias Munchmeyer
    Matias Munchmeyer

    The saddest thing is that I can totally see him being elected

    • Kieran Proux
      Kieran Proux

      Wouldn't happen, he's way too far right, obsessed with culture, would be like trying to elect trump again except minus the economic knowledge

  • Fisher Grubb
    Fisher Grubb

    I've loved this show, lots of great content. I used to hate Fox, but recently, the more crazy seeming right wing media has become a little more closer to the centre. The problem now is that everyone is being accused of being racist, but continually having to prove themselves instead of focusing on working together to get things done. All this talk of oppression etc, and continual reporting on it doesn't give us a definition, just that it's ongoing without a solution.

  • Justin

    I can't listen to Tucker for longer than 4 seconds, I gotta pause it every time. Every thing he says is fucked.

  • MrSpeedweasel

    It's a travesty the racist right have appropriated laudable concepts like scientific enlightenment, democracy, and human rights and protections, then repackaged it all as a white-power talking point called 'Western Civilization'. Its a tragedy that much of the left appear willing to abandon these ideals just because some white racists are staking a claim to them.

  • jessie farmer
    jessie farmer

    Well John Oliver he did say both were bad to be fair but you can’t compare 1 day a mob attacks a government building to mobs all over the country burning people’s property and business for months on end and racial harassment and attacks on people standing on the street or sitting at a restaurant??

  • ilikesnow

    Their sad imprisoned pets 😂 Love it

  • WaItAgOsHdArNmInUtE

    Hello, my name is a racist

  • Mandy B
    Mandy B

    After you've watched this, go to Jesse Dollemore's channel for a video he put up today (22nd April) about Carlson's school book. The contents of I are... unsurprising, in a sad way (and naturally disgusting). Jesse is also a Marine vet with experience of working for the Democrats in DC. He's a very articulate, funny, intelligent and honest gent, who after Carlson's recent comments about the US military creating body armour for women, issued a challenge to him for a charity boxing match. I'd actually pay to watch that, and I'm not American.

  • jessie farmer
    jessie farmer

    John Oliver is one of the biggest flops the left has to offer

  • Jacob Robinson
    Jacob Robinson

    He’s around to make money which he does a good job at Fox News. All of those jocks on all channels are playing us for suckers.

  • Anne-Marie A
    Anne-Marie A

    Tucker Carlson has the same talking points as Q.

  • Terickle

    Tucker Carlson if far from a dumb guy, his audience is, and Carlson perfectly knows that

  • Videoviewer

    We have Arnab Goswami who is the Indian version of Tucker, do check his rants and nonsensical news

  • PanPrimary

    Tucker Carlson? more like Fu-

  • Ask4This

    Notice how Oliver didn't say anything Tucker said is untrue?

  • WoWzerGamer

    Tucker is a disgraceful, racist clown. 💯

  • Adrian Acev
    Adrian Acev

    looks like 37k idiots watched this video

  • NB

    John Oliver, you are boring.

  • Shee Pa
    Shee Pa

    Dear Mr. Oliver, can we help you pay for a commercial that’s played during his show that will answer all of the stupid questions Tucker Carlson asks his audience?

  • Dan Ellis-Jones
    Dan Ellis-Jones

    Everything these rightist nut jobs say is projection of their horrific attitudes on to others. In other words they're all extreme narcissists

  • Shee Pa
    Shee Pa

    I wish Mr. Oliver would make fun of Tucker Carlson more often.

  • NoParticipationRibbons Ever
    NoParticipationRibbons Ever

    What are your ratings there Oliver? Only get a bump when you mention Tucker?

  • Breeze Smith
    Breeze Smith

    Tucker is dangerous.

  • SteeLnBonE

    mostly funny, yet I find you trying to pass a bunch of nonsense to viewers under your lip as well... very sleazy

  • FriendlyYoutuber

    In all fairness the Dr Seus thing is non-sense.... We are going backwards..... can't even call breast feeding, breast feeding anymore. Yeah John you not winning this one tonight.. ironically, though, I dislike Tucker, he is right, we are far too focused on the colour of someone's skin.. Maybe you should comment on his actual point rather than belittle him for a side comment to his point.

  • Craig Martin
    Craig Martin

    He's the Andy Rooney of yellow journalism that comes with its own dessert

  • andre Starke
    andre Starke

    Spot on

  • cheezeofages

    It's interesting that Tucker Carlson thinks that people can independently see an increase in mail in voting. How would they have access to that knowledge hmmm? Maybe in the midst of his ranting that the election is rigged due to mail-in voting which has been around since the Civil War?

  • Nos Damnamur
    Nos Damnamur

    He used to have a PBS show at one time believe it or not. Back in the late 1990s if memory serves me correctly.

  • Matt Greek 1066
    Matt Greek 1066

    I wish this had been after Tucker’s actual psychotic breakdown last night after the Chauvin trial decision. He’s broken. I’d give at least five English pounds to see Oliver commenting on that.