Raids: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
John Oliver explains how raids became a favorite tool of police, how few guardrails there are on their use, and what we should do about that.
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  • Beer Market
    Beer Market

    I just love when analyst start to over complicate things. Police are using flashbangs ? oh man we should write down the ways/conditions for a flashbang to be used and not allow them to freely use their toys. Police are using armored trucks to force their way into people homes ? oh man we should write down when it's okay to use an armored truck to raid people homes Police are shooting people with firearms ? oh man we should write down when it's okay to shoot people Police are tazzing people with a chance of them losing mobility ? oh man we should bla bla bla. Just dont give the guys the tool to commit this crimes. There is no way in hell a flashbang should be in the hand of a police officer a city is not a warzone and he is not supposed to "raid" homes like he's some kind of marine. But nooooo let's debate about this for the years to come and so they can keep their unecessary murderous toys while we sit back and think about ways for them to use in safe conditions. Best plan. I swear it seems like some states/companies just lose sight of the easy fixes and jsut start over thinking things...

  • Sem

    so glad i didn't move to the states a few years ago for work... trump... pandemic... militaristic police force... i'll stay in australia thanks

  • Leandro

    Man, this show jumped the shark about 3 years ago

  • Charles Fitzs
    Charles Fitzs

    I hate all cops.

  • Rory Aids
    Rory Aids

    Brought to you by raid shadowlegends.

  • Clint Stewart
    Clint Stewart

    and all the raids that actually get bad guys ?

    • Beer Market
      Beer Market

      50-50 booking. WWE style

  • Yug S
    Yug S

    I lost it at 10:27. Perhaps leaving America was not such a bad decision afterall.

  • Ertai

    You know how many bullets did the police force of my city used last year? Zero... and that's fairly normal.

  • Donna Snyder
    Donna Snyder

    Holy hell.

  • Mr. Crocket
    Mr. Crocket

    America, the netflix of real life... wtf are you doing in that country!???

  • Marissa Schultz
    Marissa Schultz

    Listen if youre not going after Ted Bundy or El Chapo this isnt really necessary. Relax a little youre not going after war criminals.

  • How to change name?
    How to change name?

    Police raid and its equipment aren't cheap, so its also expensively useless too. Also that music drama is absolute shit

  • A K
    A K

    How does the baby merchant sound so much like Chris Rock

  • Zachary Williams
    Zachary Williams

    this is literally the reason guns are good. yall need to just kill cops and call it a day.

  • Marina Amaral
    Marina Amaral

    My favorite jester😂👏🏼🎭

  • Tree Beard
    Tree Beard

    Where the fuck do they get your intel?

  • True Grit
    True Grit

    Too many cops are insecure GED (Good-Enough Degree) morons with glass egos. We need more intelligent cops!

  • Aaron Geer
    Aaron Geer


  • T Lindsay
    T Lindsay

    The amount of respect I have lost for your work after finding out you’re associated with the next for autism event is astronomical. If you can’t do the one google search it takes to listen to autistic voices on this matter, then I dont trust you to properly research your stories. Nothing about us, without us!

  • Derrick Stinoski
    Derrick Stinoski

    I debated, but now I’m Definitely getting surveillance cameras appears it’s not just potential crime that need surveillance. Thanks JO

  • Benjamin Short
    Benjamin Short

    Police are allowed to do whatever they want - without paying any consequences - in this country. It's shameful. We're the most unsafe nation in the developed world. Police are terrorists.

  • Karl

    Very well said, they deserve better. Those cops laughing at the camera footage, asking to see it again like it was a movie trailer was sickening and really sums up how they feel about their job.

  • Lucy

    Dear Mr. Oliver, I am sorry as much as you usually are nailing it, and as much as I agree about police abuse, this time - unfortunately - i must say you are not objective. You are not objective regarding certain areas receiving more police attention than white neighborhoods. As much as you are trying to slip it as - "this people are being targeted" - no they are not. If some area has chronic issues with shooting occuring every few days, drug gangs criminality and people living there trying to get out or they have extra entrance security - its quite logical that this area will need more police involvement. It's quiet lunacy to say (or be ostrich pretending not to see) that big cities have areas of high criminality - its cuz police is targeting them. Fact is that some areas have huge criminality issues - which left unchecked would be disaster for everyone. Take it from me who was in such a neighborhoods, and who was in white neighborhood. In white quarters - crime is unimaginable. (Worst that happened in years was that someone drove and scratch car and left...). I could leave car open, nothing happened, could walk in the middle if night by park - nothing happened. In the neighborhood you mentioned - unthinkable to stick nose out after dark. City that applied the "inclusion" policy, pushing people concentrated in crime areas into the white crimeless neighborhood. Yeah those white people there gad rough awakening to shooting, car stolen (if not stolen left without wheels on cinder blocks... regardless of year and make..) and you won't even think of going out late by yourself... Saying what you saying is stupid, i am sorry to be that blunt. And please - go live into "regular" apartment in areas you mentioned as "targeted by raids". With no bodyguards, just as any common person - good luck to you, i would give you few days. Week longest.... Then you personally would be on top of marching for more police involvement.

  • cyclonejokeroniisama

    Philippine National Police: first time?

  • Alpaca Male
    Alpaca Male

    Always playing the race angle

  • Kain Vanagandr
    Kain Vanagandr

    Rip and tearing into anything should only be done against Demons by the Doom Slayer.

  • Zelda Monroe
    Zelda Monroe

    AMERICA Fascism, Compulsory Heterosexuality, White Nationalism Income inequality, Gun Violence, Villainous & Hateful, Instability You Don't Get that in China

  • Osvaldo Riveros Martin
    Osvaldo Riveros Martin

    John Oliver, please spread more cowboys films, more posts war moovies, more súper flying héroes, and more funy gods, y rise my brindis for the land of free and the estados hundidos.

  • shrews bury
    shrews bury

    There's really no reason not to assault police officers anymore is there.

  • Peter Hooper
    Peter Hooper

    When will we finally decide it is time to take away "police powers" from the police, who systematically abuse them? THAT'S actually the comprehensive solution we need to call for.

  • 1 2
    1 2

    This is what happens when some depts have IQ caps on patrol ranks

  • 1 2
    1 2

    And a lonely little right wing punk with weapons threatens everyone. Get's merely questioned by cops or FBI, let go and a few months later commits a mass atrocity . All Too Often!!!!

  • Lord Sosvodiris
    Lord Sosvodiris

    I don’t know why I only just realized that John Oliver is a muckraker.

  • Heather C
    Heather C

    Now one of those Breonna killer cops has a big deal.

  • VectorNinja1

    Raid shadow legends

  • Ultimate Anthony
    Ultimate Anthony

    The police do make mistakes some times but if you can't address the problem, stop condemning swat teams like its all a joke . Anyone talking about police getting militarized should maybe go perform those raids on some dangerous neighbourhood. Accidents do happen .

  • Athanasios Matsolas
    Athanasios Matsolas

    that musical.....clear sign we are running out of ideas .... lol

  • Kurt Tuchscherer
    Kurt Tuchscherer

    F-ing Geraldo is the slimmest man on tv. Also no police department does no knock raids in broad daylight.

  • Rakzu170

    Rip and Tear? Where did I hear that before? Oh yeah! Doom Guy. Yeah he is totally peace loving and rational thinking.

  • Pat Tanackered
    Pat Tanackered

    OK I'm definitely seeking out Cop Rock

  • An Alcoholic Hedgehog
    An Alcoholic Hedgehog

    Don’t throw grenades at cribs Me playing modern warfare.....

  • Vincent

    The US is a police state. I used to believe the propaganda about our neibors to the south, but like I stopped believing in Santa, as I grew up I learned the truth.

  • Ragabash Moon
    Ragabash Moon

    Commenting at 12:20 so I don't know of John will mention this, but in the gaming community there is a practice called "SWATTING" where you call the cops on a streamer and get the SWAT team sent to their house. The cops are so quick to get warrants that this actually can be done in near real time. I've seen it happen to a streamer, and in his case luckily nobody was hurt, but watching his stream you could hear the cops talking to him, then they came into his streaming room to see the evidence when he explained what SWATTING was, etc. However, there are a few cases where a streamer has actually been killed. Har har, so funny, huh? No, its not funny at all, and yet it's so easy to do.

  • KamilLeo Dub
    KamilLeo Dub

    Yey Dale!!!

  • Fairy King
    Fairy King

    Why the fuck does the child seller look like tucker carlson

  • shamus Onyu
    shamus Onyu

    Cops came through my sister's house in the 80s and shot dead her friend. This is in Melbourne, Australia. Cops are fucked everywhere. They came through at 3am. They thought it was a home invasion and tried to protect themselves too as had a few kids including newborn twins. Had to live in our garage for the next almost year after that.

  • shamus Onyu
    shamus Onyu

    Just like their justification to start a war with so many countries under false pretexts. Either for their own or isreal's benefit.

  • Stefan Haagedoorn
    Stefan Haagedoorn

    Every time you think America couldn't be more of a failed state, John proves you wrong.

  • SiegZeonHobbies

    We have similar cases here in the Philippines, we call them "nanlaban"

  • brio barb
    brio barb

    Sadly, these "3 Little Piggy's" won't be the last ones to get away with murder.

  • Ben Townsend
    Ben Townsend

    just doing basic math 81 people dead in 6 years of tens of thousands of raids - lets say that means the lowest number of raids that could literally mean, 20,000 and lest say there was just on person home per raid. that means in this study, over 6 years, %.06 of people involved in raids were killed. I'm no expert and I'm not convinced that ALL people raided were bad people. I would imagine some are and some of their actions killed people and I would think that drug houses have killed more than 13.5 people per year over a 6 year period. I totally agree there are problems here and am not advocating for raids or policing. I'm just wondering what to think and wondering what this is telling me to think and how. And hell yes no one should be handcuffed naked that is disgusting. As a society what guarantee do we have that our homes are our own, truly our spaces never to be invaded by thieves, drugs or police? If we are going to go full tilt with this, our idea of personal property is inherently colonial and the idea the police are all that guarantees that what you bought is yours, so what if anything guarantees that our spaces and our things are our own from the outset? Where do we go from here?

  • me0262

    1:48 That should have gone on for three minutes instead!

  • Self Made
    Self Made

    Mistaken the house is just an excuse to raid 2 house in the same day lol

  • Aaron Hahn
    Aaron Hahn

    I didn't want to watch this episode because I knew it would make me angry... hate being right sometimes.

  • Moira Prendergast
    Moira Prendergast

    Good job John! Biden and Harris are stepping back from police reform. There are some strategic things they can do. You continue to amaze with you analysis.

  • Michelle Chambers
    Michelle Chambers

    PLEASE HELP MY OLD HIGH SCHOOL AND HOME TOWN!! It is almost comical that they removed the Native American Imagery and Symbolisms but are KEEPING "savages" as a nickname... PLEASE TELL THEM HOW RACIST THIS WORD IS!! ​@t

  • JBTV All day everyday
    JBTV All day everyday

    America seems to be the most dangerous and scariest place on earth

  • Brandon LM01
    Brandon LM01

    Stun grenades - can confirm. Caused almost every fire I ever saw in Iraq. We could only use them under very particular circumstances. Suspecting enemy activity from a baby was not on that list if I can remember correctly

  • AlexArken

    Nixon and reagan giving eachother a reacharound in hell for the bullshit war on drugs they gave birth too

  • 5280 LOVE
    5280 LOVE

    Isn't the baby merchant the creepy guy from Uncle Buck?

  • andyl187


  • Mike Hannel
    Mike Hannel

    Pretty sure the “baby merchant” is Terry Milkovich from Shameless.

  • Sage Sheahan
    Sage Sheahan

    Yeah.. Assault rifles. Because they smelled, pot. Those cops, and the people who sent them, are all BEYOND fucking stupid.

  • cezary Rączkowski
    cezary Rączkowski

    USA the best country in the world he, he , he

  • Tyrel Olton
    Tyrel Olton

    It fucks me up so much that if the cops get the wrong house they don’t have to pay for the damages, like wtf 😳 🤬

  • Bunny, Easter
    Bunny, Easter

    I have't watched the full video yet, but if that "baby merchant" doesn't make a cameo at the end I'll be disappointed Edit: 😕

  • Colin Mor
    Colin Mor

    16:55 renegade cowboys that would never be condoned in the military amateur hour cowboys, so infuriating renegade bastards

  • t4llbot

    Can at least one of the 4K down voters explain why they clicked the thumbs down?

  • Sheen Hunter
    Sheen Hunter

    Decriminalize drugs. Stop calling people drug users and call them humans with a possible addiction issue.

  • Sheen Hunter
    Sheen Hunter

    Guns should not be banned. We all should have access to protect ourselves

  • Sheen Hunter
    Sheen Hunter

    And marijuana still needs to be decriminalized and people in jail from related weed instances should be reimbursed for time lost in jail.

  • Tivvy2Vs

    This shits straight outta half life 2

  • Olchi

    Comparing the baby-sacrificing-cult drill to one of my military police drill: The suspect person was described as a drunk man who by mistake wandered into a building on military territory and fell asleep in a room. During the drill one of my pals got his ass handed to him by the instructor, because he ran into the room and started screaming at the top of his lungs (probably watched too many movies) with guns pointing at the "drunk person" (played by another one of my army-mates) instead of following the protocol: Firs and foremost: Stick only your head in and try to get the subject's attention. Don't approach the person, since the person may carry a weapon of some kind. But most important: Don't. Even. Fkn. Touch. Your. Gun. unless the "drunk person" is confirmed to be armed, since even touching your weapon indicates "using it", and can put you in serious trouble, even if he actually was armed, but you still "used" your weapon without confirming if weapons even was needed. Most of the military police drills were of this kind, very few of them dealer with armed subjects.

  • Lorenzo Doesn't Exist
    Lorenzo Doesn't Exist

    These are like dumber Stormtroopers.

  • Wendy Winchester
    Wendy Winchester

    It makes me sick just how much I didn't know about what minorities go through until George Floyd's murder happened. I wanna find an island and start a new country where you have to take an "I'm not a racist asshole" test to move to.

  • Kirk Dillabaugh
    Kirk Dillabaugh

    Yeah Settlers!

  • Aman Nougrahiya
    Aman Nougrahiya

    I just want to shout out loud.

  • Katipunan Ball
    Katipunan Ball

    Police: *Traumatizes woman irreparably* Also police: “Damn why you gotta be so angry, you’re starting to hurt my feelings”

  • Melissa Edwards
    Melissa Edwards

    The absolute nerve of that cop saying “you don’t have to shout”!! 🤬

  • Josh Hamilton
    Josh Hamilton

    Who’s ready for raids to enforce red flag laws, hopefully they have home security cameras to rewatch those shoot outs!

  • Patrick Ivan
    Patrick Ivan

    Nothing will change. America and America Light (Canada, the America wannabe), just doesn't care. The lobbyists are too powerful, and half of the population doesn't care, because they're not the target of these raids. Not to say we shouldn't keep getting the message out there. I'm just saying that the power balance is weighted too heavily in the favour of the few who want stuff like this.

  • Ivan the Vegan
    Ivan the Vegan

    I hope all these raid cops go to hell

  • Matt Styles
    Matt Styles

    The cops looked like children. " what house???" Makes me cry

  • Loran V
    Loran V


  • Rahnzan

    It's bugging the hell out of me but I'm getting Phil Collins vibes from that baby merchant. It's horribly catchy.

  • oldtowndude

    Abolish qualified immunity.

  • r@munya

    This is so fucked up 🤬

  • Reilly-K

    For all the militant-minded civilians hoarding guns thinking they're protecting themselves from potential unjust government military action, they sure are blissfully unaware of the fact that it's already happening... except it's against people who can't afford guns in the first place, thus rendering the right to bear arms completely pointless. Maybe gun advocates should pay attention to the "organized militia" part of the second amendment, so we can start actually protecting each other from incompetent, over-equipped, sadistic police?

    • Smilley MLK
      Smilley MLK

      90+% of 2nd Amendment nutters wouldn't spit on a person of color if they were on fire, much less help them organize against police brutality.

  • Argumemnon

    I don't understand the war on drugs. We disapprove of what people put in their bodies so much that we're willing to kill innocents in the process.

  • JuICyBLiinGeR

    And you see why people want to defund these walking immune Nuke weapons.

  • Uncle Trash
    Uncle Trash

    The best thing about Cop Rock is that the theme song was written and performed by Randy Newman. Do what you will with that information.


    This is what europeans think of, when they hear the word "America". :P

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    ***************** I'm a heavily Pro-Union person but Police Unions need to be stripped of their power. Signing up to protect yourself from having your pension stripped at a Steel Mill is FAARRRRRR different from having your ass covered if you burn a baby with a Flash Grenade. Mr. Officer... You signed up to protect other people and NOT TO KNOW FOR A FACT you can kill Ms Beautiful Breonna Taylor and get away with it. *****************

  • Warren NZ
    Warren NZ

    *Americans should be building a wall to KEEP AMERICANS IN!!!*

  • Warren NZ
    Warren NZ

    *What are you talking about?* American was BUILT on racism!!! Everything about it smells racist from killing First Nation indigenous people to making Africans slaves to penning up Japanese Americans during WWIII to building a wall to keep out Mexicans. Then jumping into the Middle East, Vietnam and Korea to dropping nukes on Japan!!! The list goes on and on and on and there's no sign of it abating in spite of the ironical fact that most Americans believe in Jesus who (allegedly) radiated peace and "Love Thy Neighbour and Love thy Enemy and turn the other cheek". No wonder the rest of the world hates them (more or less). It's a good thing for them that they have enough nukes to destroy the ecosystem a hundred times over!

  • Pranav Gujarathi
    Pranav Gujarathi

    As a soon to be Immigrant (Yeah go ahead and hate on me), you guys have no idea how better off you are than the other countries. Jon Oliver could do a dozen episodes everyday and still cover just a state.

  • Mitch H
    Mitch H

    Just consider this: Chemical weapons are illegal to use in war. In war. A event where killing other humans is not only allowed, but encouraged. Chemical weapons are illegal in war. Cops use chemical weapons on peaceful civilians. Does any more really need to be said?

  • Mitch H
    Mitch H

    You got a plant in there? You'd better not be sitting in there peacefully, with a plant! He's got a plant! Everyone fire! Here is your weekly reminder that all cops are bad. Yes, all cops. The entire system is so f-ed up, a good cop is a fired cop.

    • Cyber Controller 16-914
      Cyber Controller 16-914

      Take cover, Rick, that plant is fully loaded!

  • AntiTheory

    Police are just America's largest and most successful gang.


    As a European, this show is amazing! We have been brought up looking at the great America (which is true in some cases), but this is absurd. Every week I feel better about my country and worse about yours. Cheers from Italy 🇮🇹

    • excessively fangirling bookworm
      excessively fangirling bookworm

      I feel the same, some stories from this show just make me scared for humanity. Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪

    • Roman Kotas
      Roman Kotas

      Cheers from Minnesota where an officer accidentally killed a guy by accident when they mistook their gun for a taser.