Plastics: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Plastic is in everything, from the clothes we wear to the water we drink. John Oliver explains how plastics are harming the planet, why recycling isn’t the solution you think it is, and why fixing the problem will be up to not just consumers, but corporations and policymakers.
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  • Neil Gupta
    Neil Gupta

    Glad I could make use of the Hall & Oates Emergency Helpline.

  • No Knowledge Creativity
    No Knowledge Creativity

    Finally, you even beat Kurzgesagt because they do not address it as though it is a serious issue appealing to complication. John Oliver on the other hand simply acknowledge the problems that need to be address more seriously and what the hell are these guys doing?

  • Yuqi Xiao
    Yuqi Xiao

    Thank you so much for this video, I can't believe how clueless I was about all this... If I was more mindful I should have known

  • Cloud Stratus
    Cloud Stratus

    Age-restricted video? This is pure censorship.

  • Airee Kim
    Airee Kim

    I watched Plastic Wars a few months ago and I'm glad John Oliver and crew did this piece. I've gradually been reducing my plastic usage and substituting it for other materials - for example, breathable mesh bags for produce when going to the market; reusable boba straws; asking restaurants not to include plastic utensils, etc. I believe that even though one person can make a difference, it's not enough. Even if millions of individual people drastically reduce their plastic usage, I'm still not sure it's enough. I agree that the reform needs to reach higher in the chain, like corporations and the plastic companies themselves. I also believe that we need to shift public perspective, and thus behavior, on waste and our environment. I feel really passionately about this - does anyone here happen to know of any organizations who are trying to change policy at the local/national level and/or shaping society's perspective on waste? I'd like to get involved. Info would be appreciated! Thanks.

  • jbshoffer78

    Well this explains why Coca-Cola has jumped on the progressive bandwagon recently.

  • Skip6235

    I know it’s a bit off topic, but since he’s talking about Coca-Cola, I think it’s important to let people know that ALLEGEDLY coca-cola hired hit squads to murder union leaders in latin-America

  • Maggie Harris
    Maggie Harris

    After the third movie, the youtubers take over to explain to the heartbroken children that Slurp is already dead and has been since the start of the series

  • t n
    t n

    does anyone want to forward this to Talenti Gelato?

  • Owl the Reviewer
    Owl the Reviewer

    The most versatile substance on the planet....and they use it to make a frisbee.” - Ultron

  • Max Caulfield
    Max Caulfield

    I wish Canada would invade America and we can all be Canadian ✨

  • Night Stick
    Night Stick

    6:58 It was for Belmoore Electric in Quebec. Not sure why I have an electrical company's number sitting in my drawer when I'm a ticketed electrician, or why they're in Quebec and I'm in British Columbia, but you know, I know what the number is now.

  • שחר אטדגי
    שחר אטדגי

    TIL Children in 3rd world countries are having trouble breathing because plastic companies lie about their products being recyclable I WISH I DIDN'T LEARN THAT

    • שחר אטדגי
      שחר אטדגי

      TIAL America is one of the last countries to be okay with that, which is bad, because a lot of nations leave their plastic for America to handle with Again, I wish I didn't learn that

  • שחר אטדגי
    שחר אטדגי

    Fellow teenager here, can confirm, this realistic goat head would absolutely get me to recycle, but maybe it's because of the occult feeling it gives

  • 99beta

    There are only 2 items that can be recycled indefinitely. They are glass and aluminium. Aluminium is already being recycled very well, and is great for using on an assembly line. Glass is hard to recycle in a mixed box collection. Some places have banned glass from the recycling box. In Ontario we have a bottle return set-up for beer bottles and the works very well. All glass should be returned to the grocery store, separated by colour and have the caps removed. In manufacturing if a glass bottle breaks the line has to be stopped. Anything made in that batch has to be thrown out.

  • Marissa Schultz
    Marissa Schultz

    If companies didnt make plastic I wouldnt be forced to use it. I’d much rather have glass packaging or literally whatever we used before plastic was made.

  • AE86FBunta

    what about the industrial fishing plastics? was Seaspiracy a bunch of bullshit?

  • theinfiniteride

    IMO the real solution is to destroy the plastics industry, and to do that you’re gonna need a material that’s cheaper to make than plastic, usable in the same contexts that single-use plastics are, and is fully recyclable. It’s wishful thinking for sure but it’s the only way to do it

  • Jason Nockels
    Jason Nockels

    I love how he, as a British person, still put on an extra layer of British accent to imitate a character from Harry Potter.

  • Speed Zero
    Speed Zero

    The import of garbage is illegal into Thailand, and yet, people are importing plastic and e waste, and dismantling it in illegal operations. This poisons the air in some neighborhoods. It's a huge issue and very sad. Thailand and Malaysia are middle income countries, they're not low income countries that want or need this trash.

  • Mel

    is john oliver ok? seems like he put on some weight. stress eating? i worry about him

  • Maureen Vos
    Maureen Vos

    Suggestion: talk about fortified shampoo for fast hair growth.

  • Kyle Townsley
    Kyle Townsley

    Don't forget about the pacific trash continent Made most of commercial fishing nets

  • Zachary Williams
    Zachary Williams

    all plastics can be fully biodegradable. at this point its a choice, i can biodegrade styrofoam in my bedroom, and i have. we can do better.

  • Zac Francis
    Zac Francis

    While John may succeed in being informative in all videos, the humour is really hit or miss. I watched one a couple days ago that had my sides splitting. I don’t think I even chuckled at this one, childish humour and the goat thing was so cringe

  • Carlos Diaz
    Carlos Diaz

    Send it to The Moon and Mars.

  • Carlos Diaz
    Carlos Diaz

    Man, I can't wait for either Vulcans to arrive and save us from ourselves, or from us ALL perishing as a species and allow Smarter Octopi or Meerkat Species to evolve and become the new brains at the Apex of evolution. We as a human species, well, resemble the Covid-19 in more than one way.

  • amanda Marie
    amanda Marie

    Please dont support a charity that supports eugenics. Listen to Autistic people, we do not want this, you are hurting our community!

  • Mike Broughton
    Mike Broughton

    He knew if he mentioned BTS he would have to do it in a positive way or an army of psycho children would try and ruin his life....

  • ToudaHell

    I've got a post grad in environmental sciences. I'm a bookkeeper now because I'm so tired of all this bullshit.

  • Govind Mittal
    Govind Mittal

    Although half of the things are taken from , I appreciate the effort he put to make it reach to wider audience.

  • SMmania123

    3:24 "You look like a furry who can't commit." XD lmao

  • SMmania123

    0:55 I tell you how to get more people to recycle, and it's not with some freaky goat-man hybrid. It's with Earth Chan I swear, if people used Earth Chan as a mascot for recycling, so many more people would recycle, it's cute and not terrifying or ugly like some god-forsaken goat-man hybrid thing is.

  • vwscottvw

    Wish I could thumbs up twice.

  • Salted Sins
    Salted Sins

    It's times like these that I just look at things around my house and think, "Gosh, 90% of the filling in this could have been replaced with otherwise unrecyclable plastics"

  • DonJiggly

    18:07 Aluminum is not a thing. It is *Aluminium*

  • T Lindsay
    T Lindsay

    The amount of respect I have lost for your work after finding out you’re associated with the next for autism event is astronomical. If you can’t do the one google search it takes to listen to autistic voices on this matter, then I dont trust you to properly research your stories. Nothing about us, without us!

  • Brigitte Rieser
    Brigitte Rieser

    anyone else who gets told that the content is age restricted??

    • Brigitte Rieser
      Brigitte Rieser

      country: Austria

  • Okay So
    Okay So

    State/countries NEED to pass laws that tax companies per non-recyclable plastic and use that taxation to employ recycling plants that CAN render more challenging plastics into reusable materials.

  • ronsum

    Most intelligent organism on earth doesn't know how to prevent poisoning its own habitat.

  • pwuk

    My local supermarket, says "have a brown bag to reduce plastic use" then look at everything (incl 2 small segments in a plastic box) covered in plastic :-(

  • Joey Danielski
    Joey Danielski

    I was totally waiting for that American Beauty joke. ,👍

  • Joey Danielski
    Joey Danielski

    That Nestle ad is infuriating.

  • Cypher 1101
    Cypher 1101

    Slurp and totes mcgoats are going to be costarring in my nightmares for weeks to come

  • N M
    N M

    Why is this video restricted for inappropriate content?!

  • Kevin Eygenraam
    Kevin Eygenraam

    There's the "more plastic than fish" quote and yet still, nothing is changing!

  • Nathanael De Rosario
    Nathanael De Rosario

    Please do a show on this disgrace that is the European Super League...

  • Valdimar Eiriksson
    Valdimar Eiriksson

    Well you know what you have to do John... European Super League.... you know the American knock off brand version of football


    Translation: There is no hope, and nobody is accountable. Even in countries with the EPS laws, like Canada.... the laws are not strickly enforced, and workarounds are being built by the plastic industry.

  • Linda Wa
    Linda Wa

    I really thought we were in a way out of the plastic problem. So many good ideas and initiatives... but then the pandemic hit... Since then, it's almost impossible to live a plastic free life. Hardly any shop accepts my own containers due to hygienic rules... 😔

  • Kyle French
    Kyle French

    Idk what you did john but suddenly you have a bit of a silver fox thing going on. In digging it.

  • LDK

    I am 37 years old and there is only 1 thing i hate. PLASTIC! damn seriously we already killed this planet enough. and i live in japan where they pack PLASTIC in PLASTIC in PLASTIC!!! its just terrible


    Most plastic in the oceans come from the fishing industry. Leave the oceans alone, and start by not buying fish or seafood.

  • Anthony Duran
    Anthony Duran

    Asphyxiated Sausage 🤣

  • Brendan Montague
    Brendan Montague

    OMG LV-home just warned me that this video might contain subject matter that may not be suitable for everyone fuck you

  • Henrique

    It's the literal definition of putting away

  • Susan Rice
    Susan Rice

    Slurp miss the tag "They promise me an action figure!"

  • JWLN silver
    JWLN silver

    Goat. that is all

  • Levan R.
    Levan R.

    Crazy - this video is soft blocked in Germany, I had to verify my age to watch it, or though vpn

  • Maria Vale
    Maria Vale

    There is something New Yorkers can do. Ask your state legislators to support S--1185A, an EPR bill which would switch responsibility for dealing with plastics pollution from us, the taxpayers, to the polluters themselves.

  • Mei Chen
    Mei Chen

    This is heartbreaking.... everyone should try to avoid plastic packaging when possible and tell takeout restaurants to not use plastic utensils

  • Daniel

    John Oliver: Piss-Wizard. Series when?

  • Jayson Cowan
    Jayson Cowan

    No acknowledgement the plastic industry is the oil industry.

  • Futuro Berg
    Futuro Berg

    One of the funniest narratives being recycled over and over again is “the US is a developed country” 😂 cmon man !

  • Kristopher Mizoguchi
    Kristopher Mizoguchi

    Totes McGotes popping up next to John gave me a scare

  • Historical Accuracy
    Historical Accuracy

    Why tf did this get age gated

  • Elisabeth Banber
    Elisabeth Banber

    Why is this video age-restricted? o.o

  • Not Rosie
    Not Rosie

    Keep it to just John please. I can't with the fake interaction

  • mollyblock

    spit reveal 8:29 thank u king

  • Assel K
    Assel K

    don't search, BTS is at 07:30

  • Timothy Månfrost
    Timothy Månfrost

    Why was this video age restricted?

  • DieLeereHand

    why is this Video age-restricted? whats wrong with youtube?

  • AidaVienne


  • Mal

    I listened to a comedian and now I am depressed

  • Robin Tan
    Robin Tan

    a credit card worth of micro plastic every week ! mygawd !

  • Box

    time is time I ate a dime in the middle of committing a crime. If you are wondering the crime was murder

  • Korrado Zambini
    Korrado Zambini

    John is the best 😂

  • Vicki T
    Vicki T

    This shit is more tragic than your hair Oliver.

  • Walt O'Hara
    Walt O'Hara

    Thanks Jhonny more good news in pandemic!

  • Xsiah

    John Oliver is committing to recycled material by copying the content of Broken (2019) episode 4

  • Alucard

    In Mexico when you buy a litter and above soda bottle you need to return a used one so they don't charge extra.

  • Benjamin Dona
    Benjamin Dona

    This didnt even come up when I searched it in LV-home :(

  • 闫璐


  • stef

    even if you can recycle all types, you still end up with microplastics piling up due to wear and tear, begging the question if we're ever going to develop technology that will adequately deal with it.

  • Fourier Analyst
    Fourier Analyst

    This is an important story, however LV-home is requiring an age verification check in order to watch it. And this means either I upload a copy of my identity or input my credit card information (with promises that I won't be charges). And of course this is happening just after disclosures on how Facebook, Google, Amazon and other sites have had recent hacking incidents that have resulted in HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of accounts have been breached, including credit card, address and identity information. I want to watch this video. I am a regular viewer of John Oliver. But I will not compromise my identity and this request is very disturbing. I DO NOT TRUST the "security" of LV-home and strongly resent their arbitrary limitations when they have proven they cannot protect the data they are asking me to provide.

  • Magnolia Flower
    Magnolia Flower

    I'm not surprised that no one really care about recycled plastic. The number of people wanting plastic bag just to bag one small purchased item is crazy. In some countries, plastic bags are completely banned. No one can make or use plastic bags. People get fined. I don't see why first world nations cannot do the same. There are alternative. There are grocery stores that sells food item in bulk. You just pre-weigh your own containers and put the food in those containers. Cashiers would just weigh the whole thing and subtract the weight of the containers. It's so much better that way.

  • Ben Townsend
    Ben Townsend

    So can we finally put more energy into reduce and reuse? Or maybe hold the folks making these products responsible? Or has the good of plastics in increasing our lifespan, etc. outweighed having to pass a credit card a week? Maybe too bad more people aren't poor? We still wash and reuse our takeout containers and at least make trash bags out of our shopping bags. single use my butt lol. But yeah this sounds bad.

  • C Givens
    C Givens

    Something maybe missed here. That triangle with arrows is NOT a recyclable sign if there is a number within it. It is purely a resin identification number. The logo was deliberately chosen by plastics company so consumers would confuse it for recyclable.

  • Trevor Leone
    Trevor Leone

    Like it if you just noticed the checkered tie reflection

  • Joe Jones
    Joe Jones

    His foul mouth adds nothing but to normalize and encourage an increasing degenerate "society".

  • Ricky Lahey
    Ricky Lahey

    This is exactly why I hold on to all my soft plastic, then once every few months go into the woods and burn it. If it's not going to get recycled, then at least it's not ending up in a landfill

    • Edoardo Boyd
      Edoardo Boyd

      yeah but burning plastic isn't good either

  • Dee Etd
    Dee Etd

    We feed the ocean plastic. The ocean feeds it back to us. We fking deserve it.

  • Joven Noble
    Joven Noble

    Why do I love hearing about how shitty the world is and the people that live in it 🤔

  • rajeev3983

    The most polluting plastic in sea is from commercial fishing and they are killing dolphins

  • Lisa Smith
    Lisa Smith

    This is so sad. Thank you for doing this. I complained to stores and companies as it became harder and harder to find things packed in metal or paper or glass. I kept getting told that the weight of plastic compared to glass was actually better overall for the environment and don't worry as plastic recycling was getting better and better.

  • Michelle Chambers
    Michelle Chambers

    PLEASE HELP MY OLD HIGH SCHOOL AND HOME TOWN!! It is almost comical that they removed the Native American Imagery and Symbolisms but are KEEPING "savages" as a nickname... PLEASE TELL THEM HOW RACIST THIS WORD IS!! ​@t

  • DeLoreaN4me

    Tax plastic manufactures so we can set up factories to recycle as much as we can right now.

  • FakeBing

    The problem is that in a capitalist market like ours, you can't realistically get a plastic manufacturer shut themselves down, and they're generally too rich and have too many lobbyists for our government to do anything meaningful about it.

    • Mme. Veronica
      Mme. Veronica

      If only governments managed to pass laws banning lobbying so corporate influenve on politics was diminished. Too bad America ruled that giving someone money is free speech and since corporations are people they have the right to free speech which means they have the right to give people money

  • Mihail Ivanov
    Mihail Ivanov

    Funny how at first this video was rated 18+ and I wasn't able to watch it without an ID verification

  • Minix G4
    Minix G4

    How come every time I see one of these videos they’re off for three weeks again? I want a job on this crew.