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  • eburgess12

    Pssh 8.5 x 11? My Master's degree diploma is 5x7

  • Carter S
    Carter S

    Women don't have prostates.

  • Matt Logue
    Matt Logue

    I can't tell my wife from her sister in thier kids photos. Nearly twins. Google can.

  • Lukas GG
    Lukas GG

    Democrats and Republicans are equally irresponsible when it comes to the deficit.

  • jc

    Isn't she (Stephanie whoever, the owner of all the homes) the template for the movie "I care alot?"

  • CalifornianKing

    This aged badly. "People believe that covid is harmless" Has a 99.9% survival rate.. Sounds harmless to me.

  • Tamires Molin
    Tamires Molin

    América se fodeu

  • viraltaco

    Ok first don't kill, then if you have to do it just give an overdose of heroin. Where would you get it? - You ask. In any hospital in my country, worst case scenario oxycodone would do. That way it's still cruel, but the person getting killed will not feel scared, sad, and won't feel any pain. Trust me. I wouldn't die any other way.

  • Sable Burden
    Sable Burden

    Lame my post got removed

  • Ballistic Horse
    Ballistic Horse

    I’ve been to the Dixie stampede

  • Just Vibing
    Just Vibing

    John Oliver is in an mpreg fanfic???

  • jc

    The first thing nursing homes do to new residents is force them to use catheters because there aren't enough staff to help them go to and from the bathrooms. So they put catheters in which cause infections.

  • Beau Bernier
    Beau Bernier

    09:59 even the people exposing the racial bias are... wait for it... racially biased.

  • JWB

    Every politician should watch his show every week. Do you think they would then try to solve the peoples problems or just keep making money for them selves.

  • Matt Logue
    Matt Logue

    You could kill someone this way. Ever seen video of a gun on a drone? Give it autonomous facial recognition and it becomes assassin. Scary.

  • MegaSnail1

    Thank you for helping the clueless to avoid things of no value other than hiding money.

  • A E
    A E

    I walked past that debt clock every day on my way to work on Madison and 42nd.

  • Deb T
    Deb T

    People DO use credit cards to buy shit they don’t need. Stop opening cards you don’t have a plan for. I’d be surprised to see how many of the bankruptcy cases are actually from devastation and not just unresponsible spenders.

  • doublecontralto

    When I saw "LWT Advising" I immediately thought London Weekend Television

  • Terickle

    Tucker Carlson if far from a dumb guy, his audience is, and Carlson perfectly knows that

  • Arie Loveless
    Arie Loveless

    This is still one of my favorite episodes of John Oliver!!

  • S Lantos
    S Lantos

    well it worked, we got Trudeau ;)

  • Jose R Camino
    Jose R Camino

    It is a shit whole

  • Charles Fitzs
    Charles Fitzs

    I hate all cops.

  • fearlessreview

    Moving on from what?

  • Sarah Robson
    Sarah Robson

    "iTs nOt FrEe, LiBtArD!!!" No shit dumbass, but I'd rather my tax dollars go toward the benefit of our society than to propping up corporate salaries, facilitating stock buybacks, and bombing the Middle East off the map. Hell, I'd probably save money over the premiums my husband pays Cigna just to turn around and still have copays and coinsurances, too.

  • John Harris
    John Harris

    Bankruptcy is not some archaic idea created by congress or some state legislature, it was put in the Constitution by the founders. Most things in our Constitution were put there in direct opposition to British tyranny and to codify the rights of citizens, bankruptcy being one of them. If you could not pay your debts in Merry old England, you went to jail. The founders wanted to decriminalize debt, so they allowed congress to create uniform ways for people to pay off or discharge debts they could not afford to pay. Bankruptcy laws allows people to come up for air instead of drowning in debt. It is not a perfect system but it is better than throwing people into Dickensian debtors prison.

  • Oliver Lorenz
    Oliver Lorenz

    4:17 he made his voice more british to impersonate him

  • Videoviewer

    We have Arnab Goswami who is the Indian version of Tucker, do check his rants and nonsensical news

  • Ju Ga
    Ju Ga

    His impersonation and cursing are just not funny!

  • Kirkland Evansville
    Kirkland Evansville

    Can someone recommend a Professional Crypto Expert as I've lost 2,200USD casually trading on my own

  • KT Kearns
    KT Kearns

    Thank you for doing this story. I've declared bankruptcy and couldn't have done it if my friends hadn't given me the money. I am now on great financial footing.

  • MisterJackTheAttack

    13:10 That's my city :D (and yes, yes should could have)

  • Chronicler OfTheDead
    Chronicler OfTheDead

    That man at the end does not make being surrounded by a pack of hungry raccoons scary at all. If I tried to do that I'd probably get rabies. That guy has to be a professional. "Yes. Yes! YES!!!"

  • jc

    Credit counseling works if you have money. If you have lost your job and have no income and/or other financial tsunamis -- there is no counseling that is helpful. Having someone scream at you not to use your high interest credit card for groceries when that is your only option is offensive.

  • JP Yanes
    JP Yanes

    Will you take a dive into the music and television industry and discuss like what happened to Dave Chappelle and Comedy Central, and what happens to so many others?

  • Jose R Camino
    Jose R Camino

    Just like leftist

  • jc

    Also people choose Chapter 13 if / when they may have already filed a Chapter 7. It is because there are prescribed time periods where bankruptcy is allowed. For Chapter 7 you must wait at least 7 years to ever file another claim. Most people claim bankruptcy multiple times due to medical and hospital costs. So you can file Chapter 13 after 4 years of filing Chapter 7. Don't ask me how I know these things, I will call it hypothetical.

  • TheRCvie

    Was waiting for them to show that 2019 interview with Peter Daszak saying he was working with corona virus from bats in Wuhan and then show him as the lead UN Wuhan investigator dismissing his lifes work with bat viruses in favour of contaminated seafood. For reference, google or youtube search; TWiV 615: Peter Daszak of Ecohealth Alliance

  • themightykabool

    Hold up. Accorsing to repubs - When the debt goes up because of spending on infrastructure = bad. But when the debt payments goes down because of tax cuts to big corp = good? On one side, Borrowing for litetal jobs creation = bad. While, Paying more interest for no jobs and no taxes revenue = good. Gotcha repubs.

  • Steven Chappell
    Steven Chappell

    It goes better if you fast forward through the Julianne Moore part.

  • Nerding Out
    Nerding Out

    Guess when i start going down hill ill get a bottle of moonshine and some heroine and go out in some semblance of peace.

  • jc

    hey sugarbuns. Did you know that in the 90's Wall Street created SLABS - which are Student Loan Asset Backed Securities -- and these stocks go up the bigger the debt? Then laws were changed in the U.S. which moved Student Loan Debt out of eligibility for bankruptcy. There is something called protected debt and something called unprotected debt and only one or two things are unprotected. They can garnish a senior citizen's social security checks to pay off his/her student debt. So someone in their 90s could be impoverished by a loan they took out in their 30s. Problem with all of student debt lenders is their high interest rates and penalties. My own loan was originally $30K - I took out to finish my undergraduate. It is now over $70K. So if Biden says that $50K will be forgiven, I will be left with $20K. I am showing off, using my expensive college education where I learned to add and subtract. While senior citizens cannot discharge their student loans (or even their student loan penalties and fees), Corporations can discharge billions. #cancelstudentloandebt (Disclaimer -- I didn't see you covered Student Loans at the back of this clip and already wrote this).

  • Storyfy

    Yah I almost did chapter 13 a while ago and I went to the Peter garacy, so there was so called lawyer who supposedly represents me and he don't know that Europe is not country. I swear this is true. I cannot believe there is people like that, especially so called educated person.

  • PanPrimary

    Tucker Carlson? more like Fu-

  • Ledge Master
    Ledge Master

    Ay lmao just stop doing crime

  • Daniel Bienlien
    Daniel Bienlien

    What a joke. We know exactly why rates keep dropping. We've been in a deflationary cycle since the 80's and central banks (the FED) have continued to drop overnight funding rates and suppress long term rate by buying massive amounts of treasuries. This process can't continue forever, although there is some debate about that considering Europe's rates have gone negative. Since 2008 the FED funds rate has spent the majority of that time pegged near zero. If this deflationary cycle comes to an end and we start to see inflation the FED will be required to raise rates, THEN the debt will become a major problem.

  • Ask4This

    Notice how Oliver didn't say anything Tucker said is untrue?

  • Henrik Frederiksen
    Henrik Frederiksen

    Soo the typical american thing---

  • davegreenbitch

    It was never meant to be a state for a reason

  • Jesse Collin
    Jesse Collin

    So basically every single person in the country is $70,000 in debt.

  • Ev Hyenapunk
    Ev Hyenapunk

    Seeing so many people deny this genocide as it happens plain to see to the world really disappoints me. "They walked in line..."

  • roger roger
    roger roger

    In NY IT COST $2500-$3500 to go bankrupt

  • Asbestos Asbestos
    Asbestos Asbestos

    Its amazing to witness how much psychopathic elitist crap the USA puts up with especially when you consider how this country was created. I guess America feels like it missed out on medieval absolutism and must go though a feudal phase to feel complete

  • The administration at Colonial Villa in Midland, MI told staff that if someone is dying and has a DNR or is on Hospice, to lock the door and wait until it goes quiet. My wife put in her 2 weeks the next day!

  • Dylan Richard
    Dylan Richard

    Nobody should ever be forgiven for student loan debt. You made the ridiculous decision to not go the certification or trade route. You chose a ridiculously overpriced education. The taxpayer, well, they didn't make that choice - and they shouldn't have to pay for it.

  • WoWzerGamer

    Tucker is a disgraceful, racist clown. 💯

  • Adrian Acev
    Adrian Acev

    looks like 37k idiots watched this video

  • Joseph Mort
    Joseph Mort

    The United States government, however, is perfectly incapable of keeping trespassers out of the Capitol building.

  • Timothy Jesse
    Timothy Jesse

    John is upset because someone needs to take a pointless class and fill out forms to get a debt reset? Damn he is getting hard to listen to. I do believe credit card companies should be held accountable for their part, it is a form of gambling on poor people after all. But he made a weak case. The medical one should 100% be reformed, that one is bullshit.

  • Skip6235

    I know it’s a bit off topic, but since he’s talking about Coca-Cola, I think it’s important to let people know that ALLEGEDLY coca-cola hired hit squads to murder union leaders in latin-America

  • H. C.
    H. C.

    Sounds familiar

  • NB

    John Oliver, you are boring.

  • Dylan Richard
    Dylan Richard

    Businesses target those that statistics and research show to be the most viable customers, nothing is racist about this - classist yes, but racist? No. Time to quit pulling that card.

  • ShamelessPlace

    John and his team are smarter than 90% of America.

  • denea smith
    denea smith

    I sure do like this show.

  • Linda Reedy
    Linda Reedy

    Locupletissimi familias et regionibus in mundo sint modo res ad Virus et partum de vaccina. Sacra sunt admissi vaccini ripam TRANSERO creare mundum. Qui negotiantur in terra vaccina naturae. Orationis mihi ad te, o caelum, mater hunc mundum uno omne genus castrationum est quod unus ex eis. Exsculpere oculos suos pernumerare exsculpere, aures et manus amputauit exsculpere. Constitues eos occidunt. Ut per exemplum eorum et Dominum pro toto mundo videre. Quod semper placere ipsi sunt domini planning disperde eam disperde eam disperde eam conterere conterere conterere Sic fiat.

  • Shee Pa
    Shee Pa

    Dear Mr. Oliver, can we help you pay for a commercial that’s played during his show that will answer all of the stupid questions Tucker Carlson asks his audience?

  • Donald Miller
    Donald Miller

    Price of goods has gone up double digits yet the Fed says no inflation.

  • Dan Ellis-Jones
    Dan Ellis-Jones

    Everything these rightist nut jobs say is projection of their horrific attitudes on to others. In other words they're all extreme narcissists

  • Donald Miller
    Donald Miller

    Biden is beholden to China. BLM is a violent marxist terrorist group. ANTIFA is a violent anarchist terrorist group. Sovereignty is being lost with open borders. Federal dollars are pervasive to unemployment. Media and politicians are spreading race hate so we fight each other. Then they claim to be saving us.

  • Skip6235

    It’s almost like. . .and stay with me here. . .all the republicans care about is gaining political advantage and nothing else

  • Shee Pa
    Shee Pa

    I wish Mr. Oliver would make fun of Tucker Carlson more often.


    Doesn't this mean trump was a actually good businessman???

  • Galen Rydzik
    Galen Rydzik

    An entire segment on Bankrupcy and no Michael Scott? 😥

  • Eva Schiller
    Eva Schiller

    I am 24. My mother and I care for my grandmother for 3 years. To be blunt, it's a nightmare and we are absolutely not physically capable, both of us are disabled. Hospice care can only go so far. We can't afford a nursing home (her insurance doesn't cover long term care and her employer never paid into medicare), and none of the nursing homes in kentucky are acceptable. Elder care needs to be universal. Elder care needs to be at a higher standard.

  • Jason Jacoby
    Jason Jacoby

    I tried credit/debt one time... It's like dealing with a dumbass robot. Just use cash and don't be an idiot, and also try to squeeze blood out of a rock. 😈

  • Carlos Spicyweiner
    Carlos Spicyweiner

    The problem is capitalism.

  • Schwanzboxa

    god damn it i though he would interview the interviewer. boooooring